Chithra S. Nair

B.A. - Graduate in Arts; Counsellor and Administrator in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, Bengaluru

Chithra S. Nair, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy
Chithra S. Nair, Diploma Holder - Diploma in Counselling Skills(DCS) of Banjara Academy of Banjara Academy
DCS Reg No-13RT-209
Jul 2012-Apr 2013

I enjoyed the course. Whatever we experience in life is learning only.

I feel I am fortunate to do this course. My heart full thanks to ALI and regards to Banjara Family. This course influenced me a lot. My total attitude has been changed. During the course I realized that some change is happening in me. I started observing my emotions, it helped me to control over it. My listening capacity is improved and I know how to control my emotions. I know how to show empathy. I got the strength to be more assertive. I will never allow anybody to pull me down. If something is not agreeable to me I will express it openly. My patience level has improved a lot. I will not react to situations immediately. I am taking care of my body and mind which I never used to do. I never used to spent time for myself, always for others. Now I am started living for myself which gives me pleasure. My perspective of looking at things has been changed. I don’t have a complaint mode now I can accept the things as it is. I know how to empower and motivate a person without any inhibitions. I look at things positively. I will be useful for the society.

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