“Thoughts of a 21 Century Housewife”

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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“I am a 21st Century Housewife. My second confession is this. I love it.

I’ve come to this stage in my career as a housewife via a long path, begun fifteen years ago as a young married woman migrating from a small town to a metropolitan city. Although I flirted with working outside the home on more than one occasion over the years after I got married, I have never found a career which was as fulfilling for me as Professional Housewifery.

I admit that housewifery is a rather controversial profession. Housewives are alternately adored, scourged or ignored. One minute we are saving the planet by encouraging family values and enriching the world, the next we are outdated, outmoded and frankly, an embarrassment. No wonder we often feel that we are not “enough” or that we are missing something.

Actually all that we are really missing is a true acceptance of ourselves for the amazing creatures that we are and can be, and also a sense of the glamour and fun that can be a real part of our daily lives. No, I have not lost my mind! You really are amazing just as you are right now. You do not need anything else – no special products, nothing fancy - just the wonderful person that you are. And by making a few tiny little shifts in your perceptions and in the things you do every day, you can begin to really enjoy your time as a housewife.

At lots of holiday parties where people asked me what I did. I persisted in answering “I’m just a housewife”. I always felt quite diminished by my response (no wonder – I was using the word “just”!) and of course the questioners rarely responded positively to such a negative response! Eventually my husband turned to me and very gently said, “Will you please stop calling yourself “just a housewife”? You are a brilliant housewife, it is your career and we (my husband and son) really appreciate what you do. You are not just a housewife, you are...” In that one moment I had an epiphany. “I’m a Professional Housewife, aren’t I?” My husband smiled knowingly. “Now you’ve got it”, he replied.

Many of us are housewives for quite a large proportion of our lives. It would be a real shame to waste those years, either by not enjoying them at all, or by thinking of them simply as a stepping stone. I always shudder when anyone begins to wish their life away, saying things like, “I’ll do that when...the kids grow up, the mortgage is paid, things settle down”. Things will never settle down and there will always be another excuse not to move forward with your life. Why not start really enjoying your life as a 21st Century Housewife this very minute? After all, the present moment truly is all we ever really have and certainly all that we can count on, especially in today’s ever changing world.

Are you a 21st Century Housewife? Are you happy? Is that a difficult question to answer? Or are you just laughing hysterically because I used the word “happy” and “housewife” in the same sentence? Even if you are one of us blessed creatures who truly enjoy our lives as housewives, I’m sure you would not object to enriching your life and injecting a bit more fun.

Let’s just enjoy ourselves discovering new ways of doing and looking at things – especially ourselves, our growth and development - in order to inspire ourselves to create rich and abundant lives full of glamour and fun, not just for us, but also for those we love.”

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