Change the way you look at things"

Author: Prof. Shobha G.

Smt V.H.D College of Home Science

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Life offers us many challenges at every stage, in various forms. Challenges come in the form of new demands at the work front, family problems, ill health, examinations and various others. The outcome of all these challenges need not necessarily be always in our favour or be the way we want it to be. Many a times or even most of the times, things happen just the way we didn’t expect it to happen; bringing hopelessness, despair and rejection.

But is it possible to make the best of every situation? Are there people to whom things always turn out the way they want it to be? YES! Things turn out best for those people, who make the best of the way things turn out! That is those who choose to look at the positive in every situation and focus on the hope and opportunity available and use it to the best of their ability instead of focussing on the negative aspect, get more positives.

Life is certainly what we make of it and what we think of it. If you think positive, you can achieve positive.

So, what is Positive thinking? And how does one develop it?

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that recognises the negative aspects of a situation but chooses to focus instead on the hope and opportunity available in every situation. A positive mind expects good and favourable result and anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. A negative mind expects failure, sorrow and a negative outcome of every situation. So, can one expect more positive outcome by thinking positive? Certainly, Yes!

Steps to develop Positive thinking:
  • Accepting and appreciating one’s own self: Have a positive attitude about your body. Appreciate everything that your body can do for you whether it be breathing, dancing, running, playing sports, allowing you to drive, because although we may think of these things as simple everyday things; they are actually luxuries and remember not everyone is able to do them.
  • Thought stopping: Try and stop negative thought consciously, the moment you sense it.
  • Replacing negative thoughts with positives: A good way to stop a negative thought is to replace it with something better. In the beginning do it consciously and deliberately. Persistence will eventually teach your mind to think positive, ignoring negative thoughts.
  • Change self limiting statements to questions: Self limiting statements like ‘I can’t handle this’ or ‘this is impossible’ are damaging, because they increase your stress and stop you from searching for solutions. Turn it into a question- ‘how can I handle this?’, ‘how is this possible? This sounds more hopeful and opens up your imagination to new possibilities. It teaches you to continue and not to quit, because once you learn to quit it becomes a habit.
  • Stop letting other people’s negative attitude influence yours: Negative attitude and words of others bring up negative and unhappy moods and action. Distance yourself from such influence.
  • Affirmative statements: Write strong affirmative statements about yourself like -‘I am going to achieve this’, ‘I am going to make this a wonderful day’ etc. Read it everyday and enjoy the feeling. Write a journal or diary. Make positive images like famous quotes and pictures and put them around .
  • Search for positives: Look for positives in everything. Turn every experience good or bad into a learning experience.
  • Be enthusiastic: Smile, greet people courteously. Positive and negative thinking are both contagious. You get back more of what you give.
  • Cultivate good reading habits: Read motivational and inspirational stories and books.

Positive thinking is the key to success. As you turn positive, you realise that the world you live in, is increasingly becoming more cheerful, hopeful, colourful and friendly.

What you think is what you live. ‘Whether you think ‘you can’ or you think ‘you can’t’ you are right. So change the way you see everything, to see things changing around you!

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