Parent-Child Workshop

A unique workshop to create better understanding between parents and children, reduce conflicts, and build more harmonious relationships:

Date: Sunday, 28th May 2017 / Timing: 10 am-1:00 pm, with refreshments
Venue: Manthan, opp. Delhi Public School, near Country Club, Bagalur Road,
Off International Airport Highway, Yelahanka, Bengaluru.
Meant for:Parents (mothers, fathers, grandparents, adults concerned about kids) & children between 2 to 90 years age.
Conducted by: Dr. Ali Khwaja & team
The workshop will consist of separate brainstorming sessions with parents & children, and a joint systematic discussion on relevant issues, with the aim of sorting out day to day issues without animosity. Many issues related to studies, behavior and attitudes can be resolved through this workshop.


One parent Rs. 280/-, two parents Rs. 380/-

One child Rs. 120/-, two children Rs. 190/-

Please enroll in advance at:

Banjara Academy

Phones: 23535787 23330200 8861792260

This is a very interactive program for a small group of parents and children. There will be no lectures. The entire session will consist of interactions, group work and exercises to understand and improve communication between parents and children, and to evolve practical strategies to overcome day to day hurdles and make the relationship harmonious as well as productive.

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