Vasantha Sanath


Vasantha Sanath -  "After studying to become a software engineer, I realized that learning about and (trying to!) understand the complex rational and irrational processes of the human psyche is far more interesting and intriguing than condemning myself to a life of writing the just dry, logical code that computer chips understand.


So I veered off into a rather offbeat track and completed the Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) and the Certificate in Life Skills (CLS) courses from Banjara Academy. Travelling on this not so well-laid and not that well-trodden road of figuring out myself and others around me, I now find life to be much more meaningful, fulfilling and enriching in every way. But like a student who has done a bachelor's or master's course, can I declare that I've finished learning something? No, I always feel that there is so much more out there for me to explore and understand in the field of human behaviour. So, am trundling on, having happily sentenced myself to lifelong learning. From being an amateur “agony aunt” to my friends and now a certified counsellor, I can befriend anyone I meet and often find myself sitting down and listening to the life-stories of complete strangers. If I can make even a miniscule positive difference in peoples’ lives, the feeling of satisfaction I get from it is priceless! Love music, reading, animals, writing, desserts and painting - in that order!"

Vasantha Sanath is also one of the Page Admins of Banjara Academy's Facebook page. She is an enthusiatic volunteer in quite a few activities of Banjara Academy. She has contributed an article 'Chitthee aayi hai - the almost lost art of letter-writing' to this website.


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