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Aishwarya Bharath

Aishwarya Bharath

Friendly, flexible, an easy going person by nature,would love to interact with people for the best intent of understanding them as an individual.I always believe in staying positive and do something which adds meaning to my life as well as to others. I would like to go with the flow of life and accepting things coming on my way. My other interests are being with nature, Music, art & crafts, travel.

Vipra Khandelia

Vipra Khandelia

Vipra Khandelia, a certified counsellor (DCS, Banjara Academy), Life Skills Coach (Banjara Academy) & Certification in Geriatric Counselling takes one-on-one counselling sessions apart from regularly conducting Geriatrics & Life Skills workshops. An MBA, she has been an entrepreneur for over 13 years and is also a certified Pranic Crystal Healer. Her compassionate nature to help others and deep interest in human psychology and existential philosophy has been instrumental in helping her empower her clients of all ages to find new ways to deal with various challenges in their day-to-day lives.

She has been a guiding force to several older adults in helping them pursue their passions, interests as well as in mentoring them to live with a purpose, beneficial for themselves as well as for others. She also does e-mail counselling for Banjara and has been a part of its Life Skills workshop for children & parents.

Simple and friendly by nature, a warm and a compassionate listener, her interests include travelling, reading & pursuing different forms of art. She is also pursuing MA in psychology and firmly believes “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light…”



Varnashree Prasad

Popularly known as Varna

A well known professionally certified and globally licensed psychological counsellor having years of work experience with children, teenagers, adults and families amidst being jovial, friendly and trustworthy. She is very open minded and enthusiastic person ,and have very good hand working with psychological stress ,depression, bereavement, anxiety, addiction. Very much Committed to provide counselling in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment . She likes to reach out to help and to guide people who look forward to lead a purposeful life by enriching themselves and wish to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Veena Jain

Veena Jain

Veena Jain, popularly known as Veens, is sensitive yet a strong Individual, an articulate communicator who exudes a polished, professional, and personable demeanor. A compassionate & caring individual known for cultivating and establishing relationships.

Being associated with Human Resource Department for close to two decades, she has considerable experience working with people in diverse business environments and has experienced Human Dynamics and Behaviors. These experiences motivated Veena to study Psychology and she pursued Diploma & PG Diploma in Counselling from Banjara. She is a strong believer that Life Skills is an integral system required for a holistic development of an Individual and hence joined hands with Banjara to support its objective.


Vanita Ann Fernandez

Vanita Ann Fernandez

Hi! I am Vanita, a fun loving person with a unique sense of humor. I’m pretty social and love to broaden my horizons.

I have a degree in B.com which was followed up with a PG diploma in Finance from Symbiosis, Pune. With the beginning of the DCS course, life has become more pleasant and meaningful. I’ve learnt to discover myself in the process and this has helped me to see things around me in a new light. I feel truly blessed .I have always wanted to reach out to people but didn’t know how; doing email counseling along with mentoring has given me the platform to do so. I have long been fascinated by the human behavior and emotions and built an interest to learn and understand it better.

Presently, I’m pursuing my MA in psychology. As I learnt in DCS, making a difference even to one life makes life worthwhile.

Loyella Saurastri

Loyella Saurastri
  • Completed my school and college in Mumbai.
  • Qualified Registered Nurse - Mumbai. Registered in Karnataka Nursing Council and member TNAI.
  • Specialised in Coronary Care Nursing, Administration and Education - CMC, Vellore.
  • Advanced Diploma in Hospital Administration - Institute of Health Care Management, Madras.
  • Certificate in Essentials in Palliative Care - Indian Association of Palliative Care through Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore.
  • Comprehensive Course and Advanced Certification in Handwriting Analysis - ISHA, USA.

Learnt Counselling at Banjara Academy, Bangalore.

  • Diploma in Counselling Skills.
  • Advanced Certification in Students Counselling Skills.
  • Short course in Faculty Development Program.

Work Experience:

  • Worked as an ICU in-charge at Bombay hospital and ICU Muhayl General Hospital, KSA.
  • Relocated to Bangalore, opened and now running our own small business.
  • Volunteer at Kidwai Memorial Institute at the Palliative Care Department.
  • Volunteer - Online Counselling - Banjara Academy.
  • Mentoring for the online IGDCS Course and Assessor for the DCS Course.
  • Counselling and Analyse Handwriting whenever possible.
  • Plan to pursue Counselling - Emotional Counselling and Bereavement, Counselling the sick and their families to help them cope.


I love reading. I'm an enthusiastic student/ learner, I believe learning is from womb to tomb and grab every opportunity I get to learn. I feel I am blessed and want to do my small bit which may help someone feel better and that in turn makes me feel good. I want to spend every moment of my time effectively. Whatever you do.. " do well" Even if I sleep, I want to sleep well. Laughing comes to me as easy as breathing does, I see humour in all things around me. I believe in Live and Let Live.. and Live Until You Die.



Loyella Saurastri

I am a simple and caring person and an eternal student. There is so much to learn, unlearn and re-learn which makes life so much more enjoyable for me. I am grateful and happy for all that life has given me (ups, downs, lessons and experiences), which has made me what I am today. In the long run, I want (and hope) to be ‘useful’ to the society, that is, to contribute in some meaningful ways to make a ‘difference’.

After being in the corporate world for about 27 years, I have currently taken a break to explore my interest in volunteering and counselling. After volunteering at a Dialysis Centre during my Internship (as a part of DCS), I now volunteer as a Counsellor at BOSCO – a rescue and rehabilitation home for street/working children. I also volunteer at Banjara (R V Road) once a week.

I love nature and being in serene surroundings. I enjoy observing (and learning from) human behaviour. My profession as a HR person gave me immense opportunity to indulge in this passion.Reading is another passion and I think I will need another life to complete all that I want to read!  My inclination to spirituality gives me a better perspective about life and is a great motivator.

Sadiqa Patel

Loyella Saurastri

Simple and friendly by nature ,warm and compassionate listener.A hand that reaches out to soothe and help people .Academically B.Com graduate with a Diploma in International Air Transport Association(IATA) Geneva and an Entrepreneur from the past 18 years.

Diploma in Counselling (DCS) and Advance Certification in Student. Counselling (ACSC) from Banjara Academy.

"I always feel that reaching out to people and putting a smile on their face is priceless"That is when I decided to do the DCS .Since then there has been a lot of learning and the journey has been amazing. My passion is to work with children and teenagers and to help them face their issues and motivate them to become responsible adults. My interests-wild life,travel,cooking,gyming and spreading smiles.


Sridhar Srinivasan

Loyella Saurastri

Srinivasan is in the transition period from a Technology, read IT, industry job to Counselling. After nearly 3 decades in the corporate world, he wants to follow his passion for social work and has chosen psychological counselling as the vehicle. He volunteers for counselling in person at Banjara R.T.Nagar and also does email-counselling. In his spare time, Sridhar teaches Math at a Government school and would like to contribute to counselling at Government schools in the long run. Sridhar has a B.A in Psychology and is pursuing M.Sc. in Counselling and Family Therapy.

Sowmya Sendil

Loyella Saurastri

I am Sowmya Sendil from Bangalore. I am very proud to say I'm a Banjarite. I did my DCS and ACSC course in Banjara Academy and ever since been hooked with it. The course has helped me to accept things as they are and has given me the opportunity to reach out to people. I’m a passionate, optimistic & dedicated woman who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm and see to it that I complete my task, be it in personal life or professional. My optimistic and planned approach in things I do is what drives me towards my goal. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to write, I like traveling,I like to talk, I like tolisten. I am interested in human behavior and that is what has bought me to banjara, and trust me, life is much more meaningful now. Everything makes sense from here. It is really a enriching experience.I have been through my own share of ups and downs in life and that is when i understood how important it is to have some one to just talk to and have next you strongly. My friends say that I am a very funny and an interesting girl with a good sense of humor. As soon as I meet new people who are happy to meet me, I feel extremely comfortable with them. I believe that friendship is one of the most important values in human life. We exchange new ideas, find many interesting things about each other and experience new things. I appreciate friendship and people who surround me.


Bhawani P


Bhawani: I am a simple, peace loving person who believes in building relationships to be the basis of life. I love people and am always around people. I believe balance in life is the key for a non-stressful life. Being versatile is my strength. Am diplomatic and cool, love fun and comedy. So, I try to be the same too (find humor in everything) Love to travel to meet and know people of other cultures and thus transform. Love history and heritage. Constantly evolving. Enjoy eating and tasting different cuisines. Always upto to date with current affairs in the world in any aspect. (Politics, technology, education and the like). My motto live and let live and to reach out to any individual (in need at any point of time). I believe in life skills than degrees. I am part of a cancer support group and do believe in the right to living with dignity and dying in dignity. If I am not doing anything else then you will find me giving back to society in various ways, that includes mentoring. I am married and have two teenager boys. I have studied a Master’s in Applied Nutrition and Public Health(USA). Have worked in hospitals, and convalescent homes as a dietitian. Have also 6 years of experience in the IT industry dealing with customers. Have been a preschool center head for over 3 plus years dealing with little ones and their parents. I now am a certified counsellor (from Banjara Academy) during which time I have interned at Army hospital and a Hospice care. I am now part of the panel of email counsellors as well at Banjara.


Indira Dani


Indira: I have a background in Statistics & Mathematics! and Business studies. Seriously wonder how I got through :) After a short stint at a bank and then a long break to cater to my family - I discovered counseling @ Banjara in 2003! I will be forever grateful for Dr. Ali and Raja for making this road of life a little less difficult for me. Actually, I have been introduced to counseling very early on in my life by my father. He owned a small scale industry and was always surrounded by all sorts of people looking for answers and help. My father's patient listening, his non-judgemental ways of acceptance and his strong urge to reach out to everyone has always influenced me. Today, I am a mom to two strong-willed boys! I also work in a school as a student counselor. I truly believe that a child needs at least one adult in their lives to accept them un-conditionally and to tell them that "this too shall pass"! In my quest to reach out to others, I hope that everyone does their bit of goodness and truly believe in 'paying it forward'.



Debjani Biswas


Debjani: I was born and brought up in Calcutta, settled in Bangalore. I had been into teaching profession for 30 years and was promoted to the post of Head of Section of middle school in prestigious schools in India and abroad. This gave me a chance to interact with parents, teachers and students of 30 nationalities. Counselling was a part and parcel of my job and I enjoyed it very much. My challenge was to deal with some of the most sensitive issues of this particular age group and I have learnt a lot about human relationship from this interaction. I have done my Diploma in Counselling Skills from Banjara Academy, Bangalore and a course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to further enhance my career goals. I believe in," Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look at things..." Walt Disney. "Change your thoughts and you change the world." Norman Vincent Peele.


Abhishek Ghosh


Abhishek Ghosh (friends call him Abhi), fancies himself ‘to be on a quest to be a practical idealist’. He describes himself as someone who is a philosophical, broad minded, student for life, self-aware, loves people & remains fascinated about human behavior & psychology. He is a Pharmacologist by education & by profession he is a Clinical Researcher (CDM), presently working with an international CRO (Contract Research Organisation) in the area of Pharmaceutical drug development. He is PMP certified (PMI USA), holds a Diploma in Counseling (Banjara Academy) & several certification programs on Mental Health. Currently he is pursuing his degree in Psychology & he aims someday to become a full time mental health professional. On personal front, he is happily married to his best friend Sonia & they are blessed with a son Kanishk who has brought a new meaning in their life. He firmly believes the world will evolve into a better place - "The only thing that is constant in this world is change. Being part of mental health profession is my small contribution towards this change".




Bhagya Nayak


Bhagya I have finished my DCS, which I did after a long gap of about 13 years.Right now I am also into e-mail counseling.Doing DCS was an enriching experience, wherein we are trying to learn to counsel and actually getting ourselves counseled too.When I joined this course,I was in a state where I was very unsure about life, myself and undealt emotions too .It was as though I was having a load ful of backpack,that had unresolved emotions and issues.Now that I have worked my way out of it, with ample lot of help from the course,I am just raring to go.I love to meet people,talking with them,and making friends along the way.I am a foodie,and as well love to cook too. Also, I am a creative person,working with odd worn out materials,to create best out of waste craft.


Nila Madhavan


Nila Madhavan An architect by profession a mother of two... meandered into the counselling world due to the proximity of Banjara near home and the urge to do something “DIFFERENT”....yes after the DCS and ACS courses, counselling at Banjara and doing online counselling....I realize yes I can make a small difference in someone”s world!and definitely a difference in me too. Like- to travel ,music, movies, nature and people .....hope to do a trek to the Himalayas some day.I firmly believe that one must believe in one”s own ability to do things and DREAM.....and let your dreams come true come what may!!



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