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International Program in Counseling and Guidance(IPCG)

Four decades ago, there was an awareness that more people go to bed hungry for love than those who go hungry for food.With an idea of reaching out and supporting individuals through their challenges of life, Banjara Academy started a free counseling centre, offering confidential and unbiased help to anyone who approaches.

Slowly the centre evolved, expanded to giving similar services in major hospitals and homes for children.Then came the idea that every considerate, compassionate and caring person can reach out and enrich the lives of others – through empowerment.All that is needed is the right guidance and training. Hence more than 20 years back the one-year Diploma in Counseling (DCS) was initiated. DCS and similar programs of Banjara have empowered thousands of genuine individuals from all backgrounds, ages and academic levels to sharpen their skills and to be more effective in counseling.

For those who do not live in Bangalore we felt the need to devise a training and empowering them. Almost a decade ago we evolved our on-line course which was very successful and people from all over the world enrolled for it. After many years and hundreds of students, we felt it is time to introspect, improve and modify the program. What you will see now is a completely revamped version laying greater stress on practical skills built through close monitoring by your individual Mentor, videos for you to get a visual exposure to counseling, very practical and experiential exercises to ensure that the learning is imbibed permanently.

This online program is unique in the sense that it is not an academic course. It is a process of experiential learning hence we do not seek any affiliation or recognition. It is aimed solely on empowering you.

Banjara is not a commercial organization, it is not an ‘office’. At times we ourselves fail to describe what it is and who we Banjarites are. Let me take you around Banjara and show you,and you can form your own opinion……….

If you truly wish to learn by a joyful process that will excite you, enthuse you and motivate you,this is the right program for you. It will not only strengthen your skills to counsel others, but will also significantly bring about very positive changes in your own life.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to get in touch. We enjoy discussing about what we do, because to us it is not work, it is pleasure and a mutual learning ………..

Overview of Counselling (OOC)

The Banjara Academy wishes to be known as an institution with a heart. It is committed to improving the quality of life of the people it touches in its journey. Under the banner, Helping Hand, Banjara Academy has always been offering free counselling in person for anybody in emotional distress, firmly believing that such support should never be at a fee. For the last couple of decades, anybody in Bangalore, India, in dire need to talk to somebody has had to just call Banjara Academy and fix up an appointment with one of our volunteer counsellors or just walk into our offices in RT Nagar and RV Road, India and meet one of our volunteer counsellors. With the advent of the internet and emails, many have also been writing to us about their problems and we have been replying to them, doing our best to be there for them as counsellors. With the free online counselling service by email, we are seeking to reach out, beyond Bangalore, to more people (now, you may be anywhere in the world) and provide you with some degree of emotional support, whatever we can, as we have always been doing so for the past couple of decades - emotional support that you may be struggling to find in your life.

"Await Announcement for 1 year program on Counselling"

Free Online Course

We are starting the next batch of our part-time Diploma in Counselling Skills next month. For those who do not live in Bangalore, we offer an on-line program which is currently on hold as we are revising and improving the content. If you live in any part of the world and wish to get an overview of the practice of reaching out, giving emotional support to others …. and in the process improving your own quality of life, you can enroll for a simple.

Just mail now sharing your problems, your worries, your anxieties, your fears. Your counsellor will reply to you, and be there for you until you need her to help you cope and get going.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data as well as any other information that you disclose.