Sandhya N.L.

B.Sc., PGDPR; Bangalore, India

Sandhya N.L., Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
Sandhya N.L., Diploma Holder - International   Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
IGDCS Regn No: 101125, Feb 2011-Mar 2012

This course has helped me to see better, observe even better than I did before.


It has helped me understand myself better. It has helped me understand others better. Best still, I have helped others understand themselves better. My perceptions of myself, others, situations and circumstances and responses have changed for the better. I am able to understand even more clearly the why's of behaviours and responses and reactions of people in a refined way. All these have helped me lead a better life. I am of the type who never makes life and it's situations complicated. I prefer a simple life and a peaceful one at that. Counselling has helped me to find more ways to that path in a much comprehensive way. My behaviours have changed for the better. My interpersonal relationships have become much more meaningful than they ever were before. I have turned intrapersonal and self introspection has helped in more than one way. Refraining from unnecessary talk and from giving unnecessary advice have been the greatest takeaways. It has opened up more channels of communication even with the most adamant of people. I have learnt to be patient and much more tolerant of people and their behaviours which would otherwise affect me in the most unwanted ways. At the same time, I have learnt to be assertive and speak for myself when wrongly confronted. I have learnt to give myself importance in the most harmless way as possible. I have also come to believe that it does not amount to being selfish as I would earlier think.

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