Shanmuga Murthy G.

BA; Retired; Bengaluru, India

Shanmuga Murthy G., Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
Shanmuga Murthy G., Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
IGDCS Regn No: 14IG-101235,
August 2013 to July 2014

I was one who always wanted to do Social work, I had been pondering over it, till one of my friend suggested to do a short course in Counseling.

I knew the dictionary meaning nothing else, I got into the course out of curiosity, am extremely thankful to my friend for suggesting & am personally over the moon. What an awakening, to understand feelings, emotions, practice empathy, no the difference of sympathy, to be exposed to all the great thinkers doctors & Psychiatrists of yester years who have done such wonderful & immense research to help mankind understand himself & help others who are deficient in certain aspects. Knowing about human behavior & its consistent inconsistency was a rude awakening! Alternate therapy & its acceptance is also heartening to know, because I thought these were always side lined as pagan practices. The most heartening information for me was that of Spirituality & its practice being considered as a hand in glove tool for counseling, I find it t be absolutely profound. The journey through this course has opened so many vistas for me which I could not imagine! Thank you very much. I never thought I would study again at this age(57yrs) I might just continue………. A special mention of thanks to two most co operative people, the course coordinator & my mentor. It has been a very satisfying experience for days to come Thanks BanjaraAcademy.

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