Sapna M.

Sapna M., Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
Sapna M., Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
IGDCS Regn No: 101184,
Aug 2012-Aug 2013

The course experience has been an enriching one.

It not just changed my perspective of counselling but also gave me guidance in the right direction. I always assumed counselling was all about giving advice to clients, making them understand their mistake and showing them the correct path and accepting our views and opinions as the right choice. I never knew it was the complete opposite of my assumption. It was very difficult initially to silently put my listening skills to test and not jump in with my own 'sob' story as an example to show the problem clients faced. It was a tough act to patiently listen, provide positive strokes, when all I wanted to do was correct the person and express my strong opinions on cases. I am still developing my listening skills, it will take a while though. I was initially more keen on a classroom based training, but due to constraints had to opt for an online. During the start of the modules (1&2) I thought it was overly simplistic, as it was more personal where we had to give our own examples and our reactions to situations. AS the course progressed, I realised the initial modules were important to understand ourselves better and learn about our own individual personality.

As this would help us understand clients better too. With progress of modules,the assignments became more interactive which was useful and at the same time a little tricky, because we suddenly needed to speak to friends/family as counselors and get them to trust us and open about their feelings and inner emotions. To build that faith in them was a challenge. Since they were aware that we were part of this course hence their views/problems would be shared to a wider group. I am ever grateful to them for believing in me and trusting me to protect their identity and also trust me with confidential information. AS we near the end of the course, there is still so much I feel I need to learn, I still feel inadequate to counsel anyone on a professional level.

Probably that might come with practice and I am hoping it does. I have been very fortunate and lucky to be mentored by Kalyani (I am definitely not exaggerating or lying here, it is an honest fact)There were many times I have been totally stuck on assignments, where I have failed to see the whole picture and only looked at the specific questions and made my own assumptions, here Kalyani through her feedback helped me see the same assignment in a completely new light. The positive strokes through her feedback has been very helpful and motivated me to do better and helped me holistically too.More importantly her timely feedback was a big help, sometimes when we are writing a particular module we are not sure if our line of thinking, of writing is correct but her prompt responses has helped me work better on the next module. I only wish I can do her proud someday by working in a professional environment and using all the knowledge she has imparted. I sincerely do hope to stay in touch with her since I feel her experience in this field and patience will help and guide me in future.

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