Lavanya Raghuraman

Counsellor, L and T Prayas Medical Centre and Bloom Fertility Centre, Chennai

Lavanya Raghuraman, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
Lavanya Raghuraman, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) of Banjara Academy
IGDCS Regn No: 101167,
May 2012-May 2013

First of all I would like to thank Mr Ali for providing such a wonderful course through online.

I never thought online course would be so easy and we can get the same kind of support and the guidance which you get through normal classroom courses. Here I would specially and happily like to mention before doing this course i was assuming things of my own, was little judgemental after started doing this when i use to read the modules again and again i slowly started realising the mistake within me. During the course of period i have started using the introspecting tool to think and rectify my mistakes, and the view towards others attitude and making my own perception changed. Now I could confidently say that I can analyse one situation in various angle before making any conclusions. I specially thank Ms Kanmani for her support through out this course, without which i could have not improved my skills in counselling, she always stood by me to correct and guide me whenever i went wrong and always patted with positive strokes. It was quite an interesting journey with Banjara and hope this will continue. Thanks for making me a wonderful human being who can empathize with others.

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