Certification in Student / Child Counselling (CSC) – Online School and College Counselling Course: NOT available now

NOTE: If you want to be an effective student counsellor, schools and colleges prefer that you be a full-fledged counsellor who has done at least a Diploma Course in Counselling. So, admissions are no longer being given for the CSC course.

If you're residing in Bengaluru, you can take up our well-known, Classroom Course, Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS). You can call our office on 8861792260 and discuss your admission for the next academic year, Jun 2018-Mar 2019.

To make you an effective, contemporary student / child counsellor, we have up-to-date content and assignments in our classroom Diploma Course in Counselling.

Completing our Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) course,you will qualify as a Certified Counsellor and can Work as a Child Counsellor, School Counsellor, Student Counsellor or College Counsellor; You can also Be a Better Parent-Understanding the Minds, Emotions of Your Growing Children; Also Be a Better Teacher!

Some Features of our Online Course in Student / Child Counselling

  • An interactive, practical, short-term (6 months only) online course in student (school) counselling from Banjara Academy, Bangalore, India. Learn child psychology. Helps you in understanding children, understanding adolescents. Trains you in providing counselling services for children (students) in schools and colleges.
  • Structured especially for those who wish to learn the practical skills of counselling children, especially students in schools (and their parents). Dealing with child psychology and the behaviour of children, the course can also help in better parenting and be useful for those who would like to be better parents.
  • For teachers working in schools, a useful additional qualification in student counselling (school counselling) can enhance their career prospects.
  • The Certification in Student Counselling (CSC) Course will also make teachers better at teaching and helping students learn.

The critical importance of counselling children in schools: You can read here the transcript of  Dr Ali Khwaja's talk when we launched the Certification in Student Counselling course.

The Certification in Student Counselling (CSC) Online Course was:

  1. based on over 3 decades of experience in school counselling,
  2. designed by experts, educationists and child psychologists,
  3. fulfills the requirements of various education boards in India and globally.
The course was a completely online certificate programme in student or school counselling. All you needed was a computer with a browser and internet connection.

Course Duration: Flexible, you could do it in 6 months from the comfort of your home or at school.
Eligibility for Course: Anybody with a working knowledge of English, a desire to help and counsel school students.
Course Content: The online counselling course consisted of 6 modules having 29 lessons in all, covering a wide range of topics dealing with counselling students. Check out the detailed contents of this online course below.
Course Evaluation: Evaluation was through 18 assignments and review of practical work done as specified. A Mentor was allotted to each student to guide him/her through this online counselling course.
Course Certificate: On successful completion of the online counselling course, you were given the Certification in Student Counselling certificate by Banjara Academy, qualifying you as a Certified Student Counsellor.

Contents of Online Student / School Counselling Course

Module 1

  • Educational Scenario Worldwide And In India
  • Changing Role Of The Teacher
  • Need For Counselling And Who Can Do It
  • Understanding Emotions And Their Management
  • Building And Strengthening Relationships

Module 2

  • Counselling And Mentoring In Schools
  • Directive And Non-Directive Counselling
  • Basics Of Counselling
  • Stages Of Counselling Process
  • Developing One’s Own Comfort Level, Congruence

Module 3

  • Skills Of Counselling
  • Listening And Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Empathy
  • Positive Strokes

Module 4

  • Understanding Today's Child, Single Child, Child With Single Parents
  • Group Counselling
  • Counselling Children, Play Therapy, Study Skills
  • Sex Education For Children And Teenagers
  • Counselling Special Children (Ld, Adhd)

Module 5

  • Understanding And Counseling Adolescents, Teenagers
  • Counselling Parents
  • Career Counselling
  • Solved Cases Of Counselling
  • Limitations, Balancing Roles As Teacher And Counsellor, Further Learning

Module 6

  • Ethics, Morals And Values
  • Boy-Girl Relationships
  • Bullying

How your decision to be a counsellor for students can lead you to a more enriched, fulfilling life!

[This is the complete transcript of the talk of Dr Ali Khwaja introducing our short-term (6 months only) online course on counselling students in schools - the Certification in Student Counselling (CSC).]

The education scenario in the whole world has been changing very significantly - particularly at the turn of the 21st century, the concept has moved from teaching to learning.

Now that we understand that children
have to learn,
they have to grow and they have to understand what is life
we need to do a lot of rethink as to what the learning process is.
And that is where come the concepts of
understanding emotional intelligence,
understanding or developing life skills,
being able to mentor and counsel children,
rather than just doing the traditional teaching that we had in that chalk and talk method, using the blackboard and things of that sort.
So here we have been for years and years thinking about this concept:
How do we develop, how do we ensure, despite all the best efforts that the teachers put in, educationists put in,
how do we ensure that the child grows up with very good upbringing and total holistic upbringing?
Since we have been in the field of counselling for almost now thirty years, we thought:
“Let us focus on one very very vital area and. that is,
counselling children within the school set up.”

There is a lot of counselling that takes place outside when the child has problems. He is taken to the psychologist, etc. but what we are concerned about is to see children get counselling which is more of preventive and facilitative counselling that can be done within the school set up itself.

  • There is less stigma,
  • the logistics is much more favorable,
  • the teachers who are doing counselling are much more familiar with the child,
  • and more acceptable to the child.
All these advantages come in if every school decides that it must have a counselling set up within the school.
And that is where we have come out with this new programme which is Certification in Student Counselling. We would like as many teachers as possible to get trained in this field of counselling,
  1. without disturbing their regular routine,
  2. without disturbing whatever else they are doing,
  3. without adding too much of a burden to their day-to-day routine.
What can they do in terms of what I have referred as preventive counselling and facilitative counselling? If we can start building up on that we will be building up a wonderful generation of children.
The rules applicable to counselling are the same all over the world because human behavior and child behavior deep down inside remain the same.
Emotions are the same,
the feelings and the way a person behaves is the same,
what motivates the child remains the same and
interpersonal relationships remain the same.

What we aim to do through this programme is to ensure that the child who is going to school or college, getting the regular inputs, studying and putting in so many hours of efforts, is given this additional input.

Here is where I feel extremely happy that those of you who have even thought of the idea:
I want to go beyond the regular teaching,
I want to ensure the total upbringing of the child
I want to look at a child very holistically
I think that itself is a wonderful step that you have taken forward.

I really want to appreciate, acknowledge and tell you my thanks for having put in this thought and becoming aware of the fact that you are going to go beyond that step. How you go about it is what this whole programme is all about.

What we are going to do is to take you through a very beautiful journey!
  • A journey which has no textbooks, no theory, nothing of that sort.
  • A journey which will focus entirely on understanding the human child, the growing child, the adolescent
  • and to ensure how we can give the child a level playing field - the proper motivation, the proper way in which the child can blossom to his full potential.
That is exactly what we are going to be doing.
I can assure you that all you have to do is do it with that sincerity and with that sense of purpose and belief:
Yes I am going to do something which in the end will enrich my own life.
You will find at the end of the day:
your life gets much better
you feel a much more satisfied and fulfilled human being and
there will be a wonderful new generation of human beings who will be growing up
feeling much more happier
much more much more fulfilled and
much more at peace within themselves.
That is how I would like to welcome you into this programme.

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