The reach of the Banjara Academy has grown over the years. The Academy currently touches more lives than it ever did before. The fact that the number of people benefitting from our association is ever increasing is what we would like to claim as our major achievement. The fact that we have made many people sit up and pay attention to many hitherto ignored or misunderstood issues involving human relationships, child upbringing, etc is what we regard as our foremost achievement. Programs done recently on invitation are as shown in the picture,

Forthcoming Programs:

Too many career options? Are you confused about your career choice?

Here is a golden opportunity for you!

Dr.Ali Khwaja will be at Times of India Education Fair as one of the key speakers.

Don’t miss this chance to make an informed career decision.

Follow the link to know more about this fair and about Dr.Ali https://toimissionadmissionblr.com/

At Banjara Academy we do a *HOLISTIC CAREER ASSESSMENT* to help you make a right career decision.

Visit our website for more details. http://www.banjaraacademy.org/

Registration Free

Dates : 25th and 26th May 2019.

Timings: 10:30 am - 06:45 pm

Address: White Orchid Convention Centre,

Next to Manyata Tech Park,Nagwara,


Other forthcoming programs:


Orgnanized By

Stress Management RV Engineering College
Women's Empowerment Indian Airforce
Tips on How to Love HH Talk @ RT
Faculty Development Program SDM Inst Mysore
Careers and Future Planning SoCare
TEDx Talk Reva University

Programs Done Recently On invitation:

Ali was invited as one of the key speakers at the Times of India Mission Admission on 25thMay

Other programs:


Orgnanized By

Importance of Volunteering at a hospital Bangalore Baptist Hospital, in May 2019
Building Relationship with Children Helping Hand
Mindful Self-Compassion Center for MSC
Facing the Future Mount Zee Litera School Graduation
Depression and Stress University of Agricultural Science
Facing the Future Sindhi School Graduation
Self and relationships Indian Institute of Science(IISc)
Exam Stress Indian Academy PU College Graduation
Relationship in Digital Society Manthan
Long Term and Short Term Goals Helping Hand
Faculty Development Program MSR Inst of Management
Career Guidance Edutech Foundation Seminar
Basics of Counselling VHD Inst of Home Science Students
Future Planning + Teacher Training Evershine English School
Rehabilitation of Stroke Samvaad Foundation
Women's Empowerment Smiles 365
Alternative Careers Brindavan Sch Parents
Saving the idea of India Manthan talk-6