On-line letter-writing service

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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I can't believe it. A gentleman has started an "on-line letter-writing service". Pay him Rs. 20 and he will write a post-card conveying your message to your loved one !!!

Have we come to the stage that we cannot buy a 50 paisa post card (yes, that's all it costs in any post office) and write a couple of lines to someone who is important to us, and drop it in the nearest post box?

I have been advocating the joys and outcomes of writing simple notes to anyone who is dear to you, for ages. Some people have actually picked up the habit. For the others, transferring 20 rupees to 'PostmanBaba' and asking him to write is much easier.

I wonder if eventually Postman Baba will acquire a string of admirers and lovers as after all it is his words that the receiver will be reading!

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