The Strong Pillars of Banjara Academy


(Office and Administration Manager)

An all rounder who has grown tremendously in the past 18 years of his working life, steadily rising up the ladder by dint of hard work and commitment. Genuinely interested in seeing the growth of people and willing to help them in different ways. An excellent team player, always willing to learn, take up new type of work and even take the lead spontaneously whenever required. Looks up to knowledgeable people to gain greater insights and learn from their experiences. Very meticulous in fulfilling his responsibilities, does not give up till he has found a solution or brought a task to completion. Absolutely punctual and keeps all tasks in mind with a high sense of responsibility.

Anees Fathima

(Human Relations Manager)

An excellent people’s person who has the innate ability to understand others around her. A good team player, she can play both the role of a leader or that of a follower with equal ease. Helpful, smiling and pleasant demeanor. A person with a strong sense of commitment and dedication, backed with the willingness to work hard and diligently. She possesses the natural ability to diffuse crisis situation at most times, and also does not hesitate to ask for help when required. Her greatest strength is to withstand stress with the least distress. Her ability to build rapport with people and understand their needs is also very strong. She has an open mind and is a keen learner, very open to learn both from people and experiences.

Jayanthi S


Children……bundles of joy and full of surprises!!! Passionate about working with children, she feels it’s a great pleasure being with them & getting an opportunity to understand their little kingdom. She feels they help her discover her passion and has not looked back ever since she took over in Banjara’s Gurukul many years ago. Very hard working, dedicated, and has loads of patience. She has learnt to stay calm & composed in most situations and thoroughly enjoys her work. Since she feels that every child is different and unique in his or her own way, she tries to bring out hidden talent, special abilities, and at the same time has been a perpetual learner, feeling fulfilled and getting a great sense of contentment.



Some people may look at a child with special needs and see disabilities, some may feel nothing but sympathy, while others through lack of knowledge, overlook these amazing individuals completely. Priti feels she is one of the lucky ones who got an opportunity to work with children with various special needs at Banjara’s Gurukul. Children with intellectual difficulties have qualities that she feels she can only aspire to; among them are: strong mind, strength and determination, optimistic and positive attitude and above all their kindness and acceptance. For many years she has loved working with children, but she fell in the field of special education by accident. In Banjara Academy’s Gurukul under the guidance of Dr Ali she has worked on a variety of complex issues of major importance, with students with disabilities at the early childhood, middle school and high school levels. Her areas of expertise are in the academic and transition support for students with mild to moderate disabilities and behavioural support needs, including remedial classes for students with learning issues, study skill techniques and also emotional counselling for parents with children facing learning and behaviour issues. She feels that the past many years of serving as a member of Banjara Academy’s Gurukul has been a unique learning experience, one that has enriched her professionally and personally.