Ramaswamy Natampally

Ramaswamy, Helping Hand volunteer A name that needs no introduction in Banjara. The concept of 24/7 in the business world came much later, the earnestness of Ramaswamy to help 24/7 is amazing, since he is literally available at any time for anyone in need. His services to humanity extend to Kidwai, Nimhans, Baptist, Ramaiah and many other hospitals. He is ever ready to lend an ear or a hand to anyone who seeks his help. He is a great lover of retro music and in all his busy schedule takes out time to live life to the fullest. Yes, he can shake a leg and tap his feet to most of the peppy retro songs.

He has done his Diploma in Counselling Skills Course from Banjara Academy.

Perma-link for Ramaswamy Natampally's Helping Hand volunteer page: http://banjaraacademy.org/meet-ramaswamy-our-helping-hand-volunteer

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