Worskshop At Manthan
An Exclusive workshop for you “Understanding and being yourself”

Within half an hour’s drive from the city, off a free highway and very easily accessible, is a resort where you can get away from the stresses of city life and rejuvenate your mind. It offers ethnic but very comfortable and all-inclusive facilities for you to stay, work, study, discuss and interact. You can go there with your group of colleagues, friends, students or any like-minded persons. Manthan, a six-acre farm located in Yelahanka (outskirts of Bangalore), belonging to the Banjara Academy serves as the venue for the many activities of the Academy. Manthan is an ideal weekend getaway, and is also available for hire whenever the Academy is not using it for its activities.

Manthan Camp (M-48)

Relaxation, introspection and learning weekend for those wanting to chill on:

6 PM Fri 12th, to 1 PM Sun 14th April, 2019

Topic: Understanding and being yourself