Three Good Things in 2010

The topic for Mann Milan was to recall three good incidences which happened to them or in general in the year 2010.

Topic 3 good things that happened in the year 2010

Date: 28 Jan 2011
Time: 4 p.m.-5.30 p.m.
Place: Banjara Academy, R.T.Nagar

Azeem: Azeem mentioned that there were two good things which happened in the year 2010. one was he has cleared his LSS, he had taken up the exam last year and had received his results. Another incident was that he had applied for a prestigious award. Though he did not win the award, he was successful in getting listed as a nominee. He also mentioned that through this he had to make compile his works and also ended up compiling about 70-75 photographs of all the voluntary works.

Mann MilanVijaya: Vijaya shared four incidences. The first was she had met one of her former students'. He is an engineer and is also successfully running a school. His father was the founder of this school and he had continued to run the school after his father. Vijaya also mentioned that the student had mentioned her as an inspiration for running the school. Another incident was also related to one of her former student. She had been to a 10 day trip to Himachal Pradesh with her sisters and her friends. They had a halt in Delhi during the trip, and this is when she met one of her former student. He had passed out from National Law School and was a advocate in the Supreme court. He had thanked her for teaching him English. And he had also mentioned that due to her efforts that she had put in her teaching, he was now able to debate his cases in the courts very well. This particular student had also appeared in the cover page of the magazine 'Business World' in the September issue. Vijaya also told about how he had adopted three children, two boys and one girl. The third incident was that her brother had a massive heart attack in Kerala, and had come to Bangalore for treatment. She said that though it had started off with a bad beginning it had ended well and her brother's health has improved now. The fourth good thing that Vijaya shared was about her interest in learning embroidery and crafts. She was very happy as she could learn a few new embroidery designs and she had to travel to white field to learn them. She also said that learning block printing on sarees was a dream form the last 20 years. Last year she successfully learnt this art and was very happy about this.

Surekha: Surekha shared about the concept of 'The giving pledge'. It is a programme started in the USA, where the billionaires were encouraged to donate for various causes. This programme has encouraged many to donate and has become a major success. Surekha also pointed out how these people were very enthusiastic when it came to giving away charity for a cause. The next incident mentioned was about giant pandas. China had gifted USA two giant Pandas, which were marked as goodwill ambassadors of China. The term for these pandas to stay in USA was five years. The year 2010 was the fifth year of the pandas in America. The Chinese representative who had recently visited USA readily extended the term for another five years. This not only strengthened the relationship between both the countries, but also portrayed the pandas as a goodwill ambassadors. The third incident that Surekha shared was about counseling through 'Indian talking stick'. She explained how a woman had approached her for counseling, who had a bad marriage and was at the verge of breaking the relationship. Eventually the husband was also called upon by Surekha and a few sessions were conducted with both at the same time. Surekha used the method of 'Indian talking stick', which meant talking with an instrument. The person talking was given the instrument (she used a pen as the instrument, anything can be used as an instrument, it could be a pen, book, paper etc) and he could talk about his emotions and feelings, the other person had to just listen without causing any interruption. Once the person had completed talking he would give that instrument to his wife and she would start the talking about her emotions and feelings. This continued for a few sessions, and by this time both husband and wife were able to speak to each other comfortably and slowly their issues were completely solved.

Mann MilanMeera: One of Meera's most pleasant thing that happened to her in 2010 was that she found independence and at the same time also become responsible. She had mentioned that after she had lost her husband and she felt very lonely and shattered after this. She had also started feeling very conscious going out alone. but eventually she learnt how to cope with the situation. Now she is very comfortable and absolutely at ease. She has also known the value of friends and family members. She has also now realised that she can do what she really desires without asking for anyones permission or suggestion, this has also made encouraged her to do various activities that she was postponing for all these years. Another incident that Meera felt which was significant was the scams that came out in the year 2010. she mentioned that in a way the scams were good as it brought out the true picture of people and also made people aware of the various activities. The scams coming out also meant that the media was becoming very strong and influential on people. The next thing was the break through in medicine that happened last year. 2010 saw a lot of progress in various fields of science and medicine which proved to be very helpful for the common man. In medicine especially a lot of progress was made to cure diseases related to the heart.

Mann MilanPramela: Pramela spoke about her talk with people who come to listen to the reading of the Bhagawath Geetha. She said that she would meet them for 5 days in a week. And when she would explain to them about the holy book and tell them about the preachings, she would often question herself if she was practicing what she had preached. She also found it very challenging. Another incident that had happened relating to this is that she could find how people had changed after they had a reformed their attitudes. She also mentioned the clarity in their faces and how it was very nice to see them.

Neelima: Neelima mentioned that one good thing that happed to her in the year 2010 was that Dr. Ali had asked her to become a mentor for IGDCS. She said that she was very surprised about this. She realised that she had learnt a lot from becoming a Mentor. Another important thing was that she had re-entered the teaching profession. She found that the children of today were so different from a few years before. She also mentioned today's generation was completely aware about the things that she had learnt in her counselling classes. She mentioned that to her generation all had to be taught where as in the present generation children learn from experience and researches. Neelima also mentioned how it was so wonderful that they were also open to counseling or other methods of relaxation such as Yoga or other methods.

Mann MilanJayaram: Jayaram spoke about how he discovered information about a place called 'Panchavati'. He said that this place was located in Andhra Pradesh, and he used to visit this state every year and had not know about 'Panchavati', even the temple priest did not know about the importance of this place. It was only last year that he got the information about the place, it is a holy place which is associated with Lord Rama, there is also an information that Lord Rama had lived there for sometime. Another pleasant incident that had taken place last year which Jayaram had explained was about the visit of the President of USA to India. He said that this held a lot of significance as this visit was very important to India relating to various developments. One of them was the development in the field of medicine which was very significant from India's point of view.

Ramaswamy: Ramaswamy mentioned about the mine accident at occurred at Mexico last year. He mentioned how many miners were trapped when a mine caved in on them. The rescuing procedure was very long and with the help of the expertises at NASA all the miners were rescued. The next good thing that happened in the year 2010 was an article which appeared at the corner of a newspaper, about a herd of elephants. He said that it was very interesting to read this. He mentioned that at the background of the Sahayadhri mountains a herd of elephants were crossing a river. When the herd reached the middle of the river, as the river was very deep an elephant calf started to drown, he was struggling to stay afloat. With the help of a few army personnel the calf was saved. After the calf was pulled to safety the mother patted the calf on his head with her trunk. Ramaswamy also added that though it was a small article and was mentioned at a corner of the news paper it was very touching. The third most good incident that took place in last year was that a two children who were disabled got their compensation from the Government after a long struggle. One girl was Gowhar who 21 years of age, she was paralyzed and was doing her PUC, the mother had a heart disease and was bed ridden, the father had left them. Gowhar had to struggle to complete all the formalities and Ramaswamy had to convince the Government officials to get her the compensation. After a struggle of eight long months i.e., from March 2010 to November 2010, she finally got the money. Another was a boy, who was wheelchair bound. He too got the compensation in November 2010.

Partha: Partha spoke about the scientific experiment that was conducted at Geneva. This experiment and research was in connection to find the 'Origin of Mass'. He also mentioned that this successful experiment was conducted by a group of scientists, and Dr. Latha Bhat and Indian scientist had given a video conference about the same. He said that if these kind of researches continued there is no doubt that people can easily have helpful technologies in the future. The next incident mentioned by Partha was India being included in the list of G20. First India was a member of only the G8 programme, now it was included in this new one which will definitely prove to be very beneficial to our country. He also mentioned that in the world forum the Indian delegation was the biggest. The third significant thing mentioned was that he had found the difference between Joy and Happiness. He said that for a very long time he was trying to find the difference between both, and it was only last year that he was successful it knowing it. He said that while Joy came for the various senses such as seeing, hearing, listening etc. For example when we see beautiful things or incidents or if we hear good music we feel joy. And happiness is derived from recalling pleasant happenings. For example when one recalls a good incidence which happen to him during his childhood days etc. he derives happiness.

Dr. Ali explained why he wanted to give this particular topic as the assignment. He explained that every individual had the liberty to pick what he wanted to be significant in any incident. So he wanted everyone to look at the positive things more than looking at the negative side of the events. He gave an example of Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's visit to Israel. He said that before Dr. Kalam was the President of India he once had visited Israel. And one morning he heard a lot of noise on the streets and when he came to his hotel balcony to see what was going on he found that many places were been bombed and many people had died, then the military arrived and controlled the situation. Since he did not know why such destruction was caused, he decided to wait for the newspaper to arrive the next morning. The next morning when he open the newspaper expecting to find the news on the front page about the incident that had occurred the previous day, to his surprise he found a report about a person who had converted dry land into a green land with the help of water conservation. And he found the report about the incident on a small corner of the fourth page. This is when he realised about the significance of how to see a situation.

Dr. Ali gave the assignment for the next Mann Milan meeting which was to 'Identify an Indian who has done something great for the country, but has not been given due recognition'.

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