Loneliness is… something you cannot share

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Loneliness is… something you cannot share

It is said that at any given time, one out of four people suffer from loneliness. And the number is growing significantly. Behavioral scientist have warned us that loneliness is likely to be the next greatest epidemic that will hit mankind. UK has appointed a Minister in its Government specifically to deal with loneliness last month.

No one is immune to it – rich or poor, your or old, active or retired, living alone or in a huge giant family. The good news is that there is a vaccine available for it…..by reaching out and reducing someone else’s loneliness!

You may have heard of the story where the King told all his citizens to come in the night and fill his huge tank with a tumbler of mild from each household. One person thought that in thousands of litres of milk, no one will be able to notice, so in the cover of darkness he brought a tumbler of water and poured it in. When the next day dawned, the city found that the entire tank was full of pure water! Everyone only poured water in the tank.

Something similar is happening in our urban lifestyle. We all want friends, we want to be pampered, we are looking for people who understand and care for us – but we are not reaching out to people who need our love!

Learn to identify those who are lonely. It requires some amount of sensitivity and practice, but you can do it. Once you learn this skill, reach out to such a person whenever you find him or her …. and you will never be lonely.

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