A Hand Book On Life SkillsA Hand Book On Life Skills back cover


Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-19-8
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 92
Price :  Rs 140/-


Topic Page No.
1.Life 07
2.Who’s 10 Life Skills 08
3.ProblemSolving 12
4.Problem Solving-Dr.Ajit 14
5.Bhide Hungry for Love 17
6.Decision Making – Dr. Kishore Kumar 18
7.Does Anyone Care? 23
8.Creative Thinking – Fr. Hank Nunn 25
9.Death 29
10.Facing Death – Ms. Usha Shinde 30
11.Critical Thinking – Ms. Lalitha Raghupathi 34
12.Does Education come to an end? 36
13.Test your Life Skills (Quiz) 38
14.Effective Communication 39
15.Happiness 42
16.Interpersonal Relationshilp Skill – Dr. Child R Chandrashekhar 43
17.Your Special Friend 47
18.Empathy – Dr. Lata Hemchand 49
19.Deep Hurts 53
20.Self Awareness – Ms. Uma Madan 57
21.Quality of Life (Quiz) 62
22.Emotional Intelligence – Ms. V Chenthamari 63
23.Management of Emotions – Wg Cdr PARENTS Murthy 66
24.Are We Lonely? 72
25.Management of Emotions – Dr. Achala Umapthy 74
26.In Search of Peace And Serenity 79
27.Management of Stress – Dr. Vimaya Baligar 81
28.Don’t Quit 85
29.Stress Management General Principles – Dr. Chittranjan Andrade 86
30.Building Respect for All Faiths 89
31.Teach Them Life Skills – Dr. Shekhar seshadri 90
32.Solitude 92

All About The Book

Each one of us wants to be happy, lead a life of peace and satisfaction. Yet this state of being often eludes us. Like the proverbial butterfly, we chase it and it it keeps flying away from us. To attract the butterfly of happiness, we need to grow flowers for it.This manual is intended to be a guide to grow such flowers. Chapter by chapter, it shows how one can plant the seeds, water them, nurture them, weed the soil... all to make the seeds grow into hardy plants and bear flowers. It includes articles by eminent writers from all walks of life who have written from the heart, sharing experience and expertise to help you lead a better quality of life.Life is far from gentle and hands down disappointment, loss and formidable difficulties. However, cultivating life skills such as problem solving, decision making, creative thinking, critical thinking, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, empathy, self-awareness, and management of emotions and stress, you can surmount the worst life offers, keep on going and climb out of an emotional chasm. Don't just pick up this book, read it once and keep it aside. Instead, turn to it when you are feeling low or when you need direction.

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