Life Begins At 60 front coverLife Begins At 60 back cover

Life Begins @ 60

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-23-6
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 60
Price : 90/-
Topic Page No.
1. Acknowledgements 4
2. Helping Hand 5
3. Life Begins at Sixty 6
4. Adjusting to Change 9
5. Dependency & Desire to Control 14
6. Fear of death 17
7. The Fourth Wife 19
8. Time Management 23
9. Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied 26
10. Companionship 29
11. Do you want to be Happy? 35
12. Spreading the Message of Hope 37
13. Helping to Help yourselves 47
14. About the Pain of Living and the Joy of Death 49
15. Getting the best out of Life after 60 years 53
16. Some Useful Information 57
17. Ending on a Lighter Note 59
18. Signs of Maturity 60

Life Begins at Sixty

About The Book

You have hit the 60-year mark – there is no office to go to, the children (if one can still call them children) have grown up, and grandchildren are heading to school. It's the age when you get referred to as old, whether you accept the term or not. It can be one of the most stressful times of life as one contemplates loss of income, status and authority, and impending infirmity. The vacuum of such an existence can shatter a life.However, we must remember that physical aging and slowing down of the body is a natural process, and need not be a hindrance to enjoying life. As long as we understand that the mind controls the body, one need not have any regrets about aging. In fact, these can be the best years of your life. Just think of the freedom from responsibility, the wisdom of experience, and the time to do what one has dreamt of for a lifetime.Read this book to help change your perspective on life after 60 and renew your resolve to make the best of the life that lies ahead of you. After all, these are the golden years of your life.

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