Learning Difficulties Front coverLearning Difficulties


Topic Page No.
1.Emotional Difficulties 5
2.Note to parents 8
3.Every child can succeed 12
4.How Can Parents Help 15
5.Characteristics of LD & identification 18
6.Assessment Process for LD children 23
7.Developing a Remedial Program 32
8.Where Help is Available: Resource Directory 48
9.Alternative Education 50
10.Career Choices beyond academics 54

Learning Difficulties

Author : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN :  978-81-88771-25-7
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 58
Price : 90/-

All About The Book

Is your otherwise intelligent child unable to concentrate while studying? Does your son recite cricket scores with ease but finds it difficult to remember formulae? Is your daughter able to commit songs to memory but stumbling over her alphabet? Is this situation making the child hostile to studies, his/ her natural brightness bruised and confidence shattered? Is this leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Clearly, your child is experiencing learning difficulties. However, with the right guidance, he/ she can be taught to study and learn.This book helps you understand a child's abilities and limitations, realize how emotions help determine concentration, grasp the concept of learning disabilities, and practically make learning a pleasure for such students.

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