Learn To Let Go

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Learn To Let Go

What looks very important, perhaps most urgent and critical today, can one day become only a hazy memory. The anxiety of what may happen often turns out to be completely unfounded worry, and many a time when you feel that there is no solution to a scary situation you are facing now, the solution nds itself. This also applies to situations when things go bad and you do not succeed in whatever you wish to do – the so-called failure becomes a very trivial setback when you look at it after enough time has elapsed.

Priorities in life change, faster than we think. Sometimes what we yearn for very desperately, over a period of time we stop needing or wanting it. Sometimes we even think later that we are better off without it.

Our greatest anxieties are inevitably related in some way or the other to our relationships – the nearest and closest ones. We worry constantly about a loved one, and desperately want things to get better. We feel the pain of a beloved and if there is no way of reducing it, we take upon ourselves the responsibility of brooding, looking for miracles or hoping for changes that we know will not happen.

What we need to do is to learn to let go. Not of the loved one, but about his or her troubles and problems. What we cannot practically solve, or when the loved one does not allow us to solve, we must have the large-heartedness to back off. We can always be there for the person, allow our shoulder to cry upon, our listening ear, our unconditional emotional support – but stop looking all the time for the impossible solution. When you let go of the issues, you develop a strong bond with the person, and even strengthen him to face the challenges of life.

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