Jealous of Those Who Help Us

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Jealous of Those Who Help Us

Another very intriguing and less known aspect is that many of us feel jealous of those who help us. Do you find that difficult to digest? You may not be one of them, but there are many in that category. This is because the person who helps us is subconsciously sending us a message that we are inferior, and hence we require his help. He may never say so, or intend to be that way, but we ourselves become painfully aware of our limitations and inferiority every time help is extended to us. This needs to be understood and dealt with, because such jealousy can be very destructive to both the persons concerned. (Can you remember one such case where either you felt jealous about someone who helped you, or were at the receiving end of jealousy from someone you helped?)

Jealous of close people

The other aspect to be wary about is that unfortunately we tend to be more jealous of those who are closest to us, and who we love genuinely, than of those who are casual acquaintances. This can even lead to intense guilt on the part of the person feeling jealousy, and unless he resolves it, his self esteem can go down and also his ability to maintain healthy relationships. The self-destructive element of jealousy becomes most evident in such cases, because one may start hating oneself.

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