At Banjara Academy we "Welcome all Feelings and Thoughts with due RESPECT and EQUAL Regard".

In Conversation with Dr.Ali Khwaja

Dr. Ali Khwaja in conversation with RadioActiveCR90.4MHz for the radio program series “Mano Charche”. Speaking “All About Inner Happiness” tune in and listen till the end as Mrs. Kanmani has summarized the whole conversation in Kannada.

“Happiness is along the journey, not at the end of it”

Happiness is a lifelong goal don’t get tricked by instant gratification!

and equally important is

“Happiness is never fulfilling till it is spread and shared”

I cannot be happy by myself unless I create happiness to others!

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Diploma in Personal Counselling Skills (DPCS)

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What Are We?

People often ask us whether we are an NGO or a commercial organization. They bluntly question whether we have a vested interest in doing “free” counselling. They want to know if we are propagating a religion or a cult, or are we clandestinely funded by some rich foreigners with shady motives. The answer to all the above is a vehement “No”.

What we are cannot be defined in conventional sense. Yes, we do provide free counselling. We never turn anyone away. We get perhaps 10-30 people walking in every day, half as many phone calls, and more than 50-80 emails per week. We attend to all of them to the best of our ability.

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We grow human beings

If you see a plant nursery, you will only see tiny saplings. As soon as the little plant starts growing, it is transplanted in someone else’s pot or garden, and it continues its growth there, with the new owners getting the flowers, fruits or shade.

Banjara is a human nursery. We plant the seeds of self-awareness, wider and more meaningful thinking, identifying talent and goals. We nurture the thoughts and ideas in people’s minds. Then, as the eagle does in pushing out its eaglets from its nest, we give a gentle nudge, and allow people to soar in the wide blue skies – choosing which direction to fly towards, and at the speed each individual decides.

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Love reading !! Then here we have something for you ..

We talk so much about improvement of our education system, but nothing much seems to be happening. The reason becomes clear if you read these extracts from an article written by an eminent professor in a reputed University journal, and form your own opinion:

Before they speak or crawl or walk or achieve many of the other amazing developmental milestones in the first year of life, babies laugh. This simple act makes its debut around the fourth month of life, ushering in a host of social and cognitive opportunities for the infant.

As an ardent student of human behavior, I often like to know how much time people spend in trying to understand their own self. Many of us take deep interest in analyzing, understanding and commenting on others.

"We ask our daughters where they were, but we do not ask our sons where they were and what they were doing..." Often I stop on the road and discreetly watch the cute scene of a little boy holding the hand of an even tinier sister or cousin and taking her to school.

Expectations' is a very inevitable part of our life, each day starts with some or other expectation. We have various relationships and we have expectations from every relationship!

In order to be successful, many people believe, one must be passionate. Passion makes challenges enjoyable. It bestows the stamina necessary to excel. However, there are telling counterexamples where passion doesn’t seem to be a necessary ingredient for success. One such case is academic success.

Guru Purnima came and went last month. Even the full moon was a little dull due to cloudy weather. I received many messages of gratitude and appreciation that warmed my heart – though personally I don’t believe that I have really been a Guru as such.

The one very important festival that binds us together whether we are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, atheist or Banjara is our Independence Day.

I walk along a rustic path Leading to the key to my heart. I stand alone on this trail Never letting my dreams go frail, Aware that I walk towards the light Seldom faltering in the dreadful night.

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