Rest in Peace - Sonia Boury.

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Sonia Boury

Sonia Boury - This great young warrior won the war but lost the battle of life on 15 April 2017.

Our most heartfelt condolence to her mother
Neelam Boury (DCS 2012)

Sonia Boury (DCS 2010) wrote in her blog last year: “Positive reinforcement is always fantastic to hear and I have been blessed to have received an immense amount. It helps us warriors get through tough days and sometimes the words spoken can be exactly what we need to hear.

However, from your perspective, it can’t be easy to respond to the news of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer. One’s instinctive reaction is to let their own fears takeover, but most often that isn’t what a new warrior needs to see or feel.

How one responds to news and acts spontaneously is of utmost importance. So as a resident of the cancer universe, I thought I could assist you in dealing with your own emotions or certain situations better while you support your warrior.”

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