In Memoriam - Dr. Asha Shamrao

A Tribute By Dr. Ali Khwaja

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Dr. Asha Shamrao

Dr. Asha Shamrao (DCS-16, Team T2) was a medical doctor who served workers in different factories all over the country for over 40 years. After retirement she came back to settle in Bangalore and was very enthusiastic to serve society despite battling cancer since many years. Even while going through innumerable rounds of chemo-therapy and hospitalization, she not only enrolled for DCS but completed it successfully in March 2016. She immediately took up the very useful cause of counseling cancer patients in hospitals, where she was very effective and appreciated. A last bout of severe cancer took hold of her early this month and she had to undergo a complicated surgery. She kept boosting the morale of doctors and surgeons during her hospitalization. On 18th April we had the pleasure of being with her on her birthday, and she sang a very touching retro Bollywood song for us. In the morning of Saturday 6th May her battle with cancer ended and she passed away peacefully.

She has been a role model and inspiration to so many of us, and we celebrate her life more than mourning her death.

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