I have a friend called Aab

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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I have a friend called Aab (it means 'water' in Arabic). Like water, Aab has been around for centuries, and he is not generally visible to people. But I have learnt so much about life from him, and keep learning even now. He is like a mongrel or even like a piece of scrap paper that flies in the wind here and there. These are around us but we never notice them. Hence Aab gets a chance to notice everybody silently. And how much he learns about human behavior! Particularly since he has no likes and dislikes, no ambitions, no attitudes, and he follows the theory of the old Bollywood song, "bazaar se zamaane ke, kuchh bhi na hum khareedengey, haan baich kar khushi apni, logon ke ghum khareedengey."

I'll introduce you to him some time......

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