How Jealous Are You?

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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If you wish to know how strong is your jealousy with regard to any person (X) or the person’s near and dear, test out by answering the following questions as follows:

3=very often, 2=sometimes, 1=rarely, 0=never
  • Does any news of X make you compare with what is going on in your life?
  • Are you trying to find out about X even when there is no need to do so?
  • Do you feel that X has or is achieving something you have a strong desire for?
  • Do you tend to compare X’s affection to someone else with respect to you?
  • Do you tend to compare X’s attention/time given to someone else compared to you?
  • In the presence of X are you observing his/her interaction with specific person(s)?
  • Do you tend to dislike or find faults with anyone X takes a strong liking to?
  • Do you fear about how life would be without a good relationship with X?
  • Do you get cruel thoughts about anyone X gives lot of attention to?
  • Do you feel threatened if any new person starts taking a lot of interest in X?

Rate yourself:

If your score is below ten, you are safe. Even if you do have a bit of jealousy now and then, it is not serious, and you can manage it as long as you are aware of it. If the score is somewhere around 11 to 15, maybe you need to question yourself why you are allowing jealousy to get the better of you. There are ways and means of overcoming it, in the following pages. Do the introspection listed out and you will be able to help yourself. If your score has been sixteen or higher, then perhaps you need to seek external help in overcoming jealousy, because you have allowed it to get the better of you.

Please note that this is only a qualitative test, and should not be considered as the last word in analysis. It is only to help you introspect.

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