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Help Yourself !

Emotional Disturbances CAN Be Overcome

Aouthor : Dr. Ali Khwaja
ISBN : 81-88771-15-5
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Price : 20/-

This Book  Will Tell You All About
  • When do we need help
  • Who is a counsellor?
  • How do you start the Counselling?
  • Counselling children & adolescents
  • Marriage counselling
  • Counselling for interpersonal problems
  • Counselling for trauma, setbacks
  • Why it is so time - consuming to feel the change?
  • How you can help yourself?

All About The Book

It is time to remove the stigma associated with going to a counsellor.We all have ups and downs in life. Most of the time, we can handle difficult situations ourselves. Sometimes, we turn to friends and loved ones and at times a stranger is able to help us. However, sometimes we face situations which we cannot overcome by just leaning on ourselves or no dear one seems able to help.This is a distressing situation because emotional turmoil can simply sap the desire to overcome it. At such times, it is best that we take the initiative and gather our wit and will to go to a counsellor for help.This book provides an invaluable introduction to counseling and may empower you or a loved one to seek help if and when you need it.

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