Great Indian Woman

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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There is an amazing species existing on earth barely recognized or appreciated: I call her the "Great Indian Woman" GIW for short. A woman born and brought up in the Indian culture and environment is willing to do anything and everything for her loved ones. She makes severe and continuous sacrifices and does not even expect a reward. Her love is so unconditional, and her willingness to forgive, adapt, give significance to the other, and the fulfillment that she gets in taking care of her family, is perhaps unparalleled. I really wish we can declare a "International Day of the GIW" to let the world know that such a phenomenon exists all over our great country.

I wish I could quote examples (which are innumerable) but confidentiality restricts me. So, GIW, Tussi Great Ho! My salutations.

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