Goodness not only exists but is thriving

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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While so many people keep lamenting on how the world is full of greedy people, corruption, politics, terrorism etc, there is a small set of humans who walk into my life every year at this time and reinforce to me that goodness not only exists but is thriving. These are people who come to enroll for our counselling course -- highly qualified persons, people holding eminent positions, people giving up luxurious comforts of their homes to come and become students, people who have had so much experience in life that they can teach me more than I can teach them. They all make a commitment to spend the year with us learning counselling and basically taking up an activity that is totally selfless and only to help others. But nature has its way of rewarding -- and almost all of them at the end of the year say that their quality of life has improved !

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