Goodbye And Welcome

Goodbye And Welcome

What started as a simple journey to encourage and train people from all walks of life to reach out to others and provide emotional support, has borne fruit amazingly over the past two decades and more. Our shorter counselling courses were amalgamated into a one-year, part-time Diploma in Counselling Skills (DCS) Course in the year 1999.

Two thousand students of all ages and background have passed through this very fulfilling experience, and now the students of DCS-17 are thoroughly enjoying this unique form of learning where there is no theory and no exams, where everyone’s opinion is taken into account and where the skills develop slowly but surely through experiential activities.

The only regret is that for the 140 students passing out through 4 Teams this year, the classes will soon come to an end and they will fly away from the cocoon of Banjara. But we are like the mother eagle who believes that the eaglets should be given a push off the cliff so that they can soar into the expansive sky with no limits.

For us all (Team Banjara), bidding goodbye to each batch is a sentimental and painful moment – but the silver lining is that we immediately get ready to welcome the new batch: smiling faces, unsure expressions, curious eyes, loving hearts. Each new entrant to Banjara Academy has something to teach us; hence we continue as nomads and gypsies, exploring the uncharted terrain of gentle emotions and strong relationships.

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