Games Box - Entertaining-cum-educational toys

Author: Dr. Ali Khwaja

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A friend of mine has subscribed for an activity/games box for her four year old child. It is called Flinto. Every month a box is delivered containing some entertaining-cum-educational toys which are age-specific. For example, the child has to assemble a simple plastic car, then blow air into a balloon and fix it to a nozzle at the back. As the air comes out of the balloon the car moves forward.

There is a simple explanation card which the child or parent can read explaining the dynamics behind each such game. What impressed me most is that there is no technology, electronics or ‘Apps’ involved. The child is working with his hands, understanding the logic behind how things work, and at the same time getting thrilled with the outcome of his efforts. Wish we could focus our children more in such activities.

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