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Author, Expert Counsellor, Life Coach, Trainer Dr Ali Khwaja here in this audio explains about the challenges we need to face "When We Are Forced To change ?". Dr Ali Khwaja says that whenever we encounter something unfamiliar our mind resists or rejects saying this cannot happen, this is not okay and we starts feeling uncomfortable. This is due to the basic indoctrination based especially on our parents, home environment, school teachers, peers and other significant adults in our lives. As we grow older our social circles and environments keep widening and changing. In these ever changing social circles we start interacting with people of different backgrounds, attitudes, lifestyles, belief systems and different outlook towards life. And that is when we are in a dilemma questioning ourselves: Do I stick to what I have been doing all my life or change? Do I need to change my ways because people around me are doing things differntly? Do I believe in my old methods because they make me comfortable or because they are right?
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DOWNLOAD for free, public domain audio file 'When You Are Forced To Change ?':

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