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The experiences and opinions of various counsellors on Mind Body Connection are shared here.

Aswani said that everything begins with mind. Body is a map of consciousness. In hospitals also some people recover fast and some with the same problem cannot. Even you can reach to a cell of your body and you can recover fast by being conscious of it.

Kala explained that body is a vehicle and mind its driver. Mind controls over matter. She feels that it is the will power that makes all the difference. If you feel tough it is tough and if you feel it is easy it is easy. She also shared her recent experience of overcoming Dengue with positive attitude.

Savitri added that Moods are our own fuel to drive the body.

Manikya mentioned that Saints were able to stay in Samadhi for years together all for the mind control over body. Positive and negative energy collides. She referred Aura, Chakras, Pranayam, Pranik healing, Distance healing, Reiki as minds power working against negative energy. She believes that everything is possible through consciousness of mind. Nalini spoke about the chanting effect on people.

Sudha gets upset very often and its effects are visible. She does lots of deep breathing exercises, goes to sleep but does not take pain killers. She shared that NIMHANS has Psycho social Rehabilitation Center giving services to people going out of control. Children having no affection from parents, teachers, peers etc have lot of negative thinking and giving positive stoke to such children improves their thinking and behavior.

Surekha told that she knows a surgeon who will cancel the surgery if the patient is afraid as in panic BP gets high. She further said that cancer is a resentment disease and lots of negativity results in cysts, tumor and majority originates from broken families. She emphasized that there is a connection between feelings and negative health and mentioned that problems with skin, STD, viral infection, knee problem, reduced immunity and increased disease are the result of this connection. She also said that it is the close people who affect us more. She referred the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy that gives scientifically proven techniques and the astonishing facts about how your subconscious powers can perform miracles of healing.

She also talked about ‘Anointing of the Holy Spirit’ which believes that you have the anointing of God flowing through you when God's heart touches another person's heart through your heart.

Padmaja started by saying that ‘ Heal the spirit to heal yourself’ the philosophy that she has practiced on herself a lot. Be a Buddhist to learn spirit. She belives that chanting alters the brain chemicals. Lot of healing flows through Mind to Body – we inspire each other. She shared her experience of her sons miraculous escape from a serious proble. She told that disesases come with a purpose - to warn us and can be healed by counceously altering your own say at a spiritual level.

Jyothi tried to explain that Mind and Body are two sides of us. She shared her feeling about not being able to do anything, feeling of low self esteem and loss of identity. People taking her for granted pains her.

Alpa told that when her mother was diaganosed with last stage of cancer it was tough to face. She took it positively and ignored doctors predictions. She started volunteering as a counsellor and suvived for another 10 years with sheer power of positive mental attitude.

Noothan spoke about Psyche and Soma ( Wellness using psychology, nutrition and exercise). Ulcer, Diabetic, Stones, Eye are all psychosomatic diseases. Feeling of pain when there is no medical reason are psychosomatic. She connected Rigidity with acidity and axiety, not sharing with others with diabetes, Ego with constipation, Kidney problem with humiliation. She advised sharing, working together as team and association helps overcoming these diseases.

(The discussion on the topic will continue during the next Jaggruthi Counsellors Forum monthly meet scheduled on 9th November,2012)


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