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The enthusiasm of the last meet (12.10.12) resulted in the continuity of deliberation and wider participation.

Noothan said that in psychosomatic diseases the root cause is not easy to be diagnosed by the doctors. The defects are initially non-fatal. Few of the established facts in mind body relationships are

Rigidity leads to Acidity
Anxiety leads to diarrhea (Graphotherapy has been able to cure diarrhea, establishing the fact that it is psychosomatic).
When a girl, who kept getting praise from parents and was a good performer before marriage, gets criticism from her in-laws will develop health problem that justify her inability to do something.
Girls who keep cursing their uterus for having monthly periods ends up having uterus problem.

Amita expressed her concern about the casual approach often taken by Doctors/family members in initially labeling any symptoms as psychosomatic and don’t take it seriously, do not go for diagnostic tests that may lead to serious illness as it may be caused by genuine problem.

Gauthami shared her experience of knee pain after delivery. Doctors suggested surgery but, as she was not convinced and worked on her weight. She reduced her weight by about 35 kgs, still the pain persisted. She later realized that it is a thought pattern that is affecting the knee pain. Working on the thought process and saying NO to the thought of pain coming helped her in eradicating her knee pain. Now pain never comes back. Gauthami offered some solutions to psychosomatic diseases as Changing thought pattern, Spirituality, Incantation, Affirmation, Meditation, Yoga, Kriya etc.

Surekha told that if you are not able to handle change it is a problem. Too many problems weighing on you lead to back pain. You feel stiffened and may develop throat problem. She talked about Frequency Healing. She explained that every emotion is like electricity going through body and every emotion has a certain frequency. This frequency is measurable. Healthy people have their frequency within a certain range. We can change our frequency by changing our thought/emotions. Healthy people have higher frequency and unconditional love has highest frequency.

Amita said that there are some universal truths like law of gravity.
As you sow, so you reap.
When you sow mango seeds you can only get mango and not apple. And the mango seeds will not give you only one mango but many mangoes over a period of time. So be careful and aware of what you sow in society.

Partha was amazed when he expressed “how a non-matter is converted to matte?’

Ram put his usual off beat idea through a story of Ghee and Bottle.

The Ghee says to the bottle that you are called ‘Ghee Bottle’ because of me. The Bottle says that your existence is there because of me.

He compares this story with the psychosomatic experts who keep blaming the existence of problems on one because of other (body and mind).


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