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Celebrating Life

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If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it,
And you really want to show it,
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

---Reverse is also true that if we clap our hands we place ourselves in a happy mode. Clap is synonymous to celebration that manifests our inner feelings of happiness. In this present world of high tension we need to find every opportunity to grab happiness. Making a reason for celebration, be it self, family, social, local, regional, national, global, religious, helps in rejuvenating life and reduce the tension of life. The festive mood, the associated rituals and the preparation all forms part of celebrating life. Every day can be made a day of celebrating life by being a reason for bringing celebration in others by extending our helping hand. Disseminating smile is the greatest collaborative celebration of life.

---We celebrate happiness but, if we can celebrate when you are down, suffering, dealing with bad issues, having negative emotions that make the real celebration of life.

---Expressing gratitude, focus on positive energy, worship is few of the routes to celebrate life. Celebrating in conjunction with body, mind and heart is total enjoyment. Walking for unification of body and mind, freedom to make choices for self, a total surrender to God, reading for inspiration as mental exercise and rising above the limitations are enjoying life. Enjoying life through connecting with children by spending quality time with them, honoring the commitments made to them, allowing them freedom to choose and enjoying the togetherness is celebrating life.

---Celebrating life is seeking happiness in in small things and acceptance of reality. Self-awareness, self-motivation, self-consciousness, loving self as a person and personality, being positive, volunteering are ways to find happiness in celebrating life on a daily basis. Play your role whatever it may be to the best of your ability and enjoying the same is celebration of your life. A good soul lives happily and leave happily.

---Enjoyment in life can come through doing service and being useful to others. Living in present, practicing forgiveness, acceptance of self and environment, no expectations, non-possessiveness helps in enjoying life, celebrating life.

---Making the best of present moment, present relationship, keeping alive the good memories and taking care of self are essential learning to celebrate life existence.

---Life is yours and learns to enjoy and celebrate your existence. Elderly people can celebrate their life by going to shopping, experiencing things and accepting the world as is around them.

---Life is a celebration – live it to the fullest. Connecting with the needy and extending your helping hand is a great satisfaction. Involving family and children develops values of living and are big support to self-satisfaction. Involving in adventure, spending time with friends and understanding the realities of life are great learning.

---Celebration is merging with the ultimate, as river celebrates when it merges with sea. When son takes the responsibility of your needs you start celebrating your second childhood.

---Having inner peace is celebration. It gives strength to face even the worst in life. Enjoyment is individualistic and much personalized.

---Celebrating life is not the financial status but a state of mind.

---Giving is celebration. Others become reason for your celebration.

---To be born in this world in itself a celebration. Keeping needs simple is celebration but people made it mourning by making it complex.

---Difficulties are there with each individual. Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Accepting, adjusting and aligning to reality is celebrating life.


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