Impact of Positive People in My Life

Various counsellors role models and opinions presented here.

---Teachers like Raja and Ali helped to move out from her comfort zone. My mother at 91 still cheerful and happy, in spite of being widowed at the age of 31, took care of three children. She has composed character and nerves of steel and for her principles are very important. My sister is always cheerful, and has great sense of humor. They all are positive people in my life. We have choices in life. For positivity never chose the –ve things. A great learning I had from sister’s mother-in-law when she faced cancer with willpower and positivity. She taught me not to mess-up with emotional baggage and not to allow anyone to disturb you.

---Learnt the value of exercise, discipline and fighting the adverse situation from my father. Husband not expecting dowry and gift during marriage touched me a lot. Found a role model in Kalavathi that made a great impact in my learning of values of positivity in life.

---Exposure to Banjara was a very positive event in my life. It made me to realize and feel positivity in others. My mother ever said, “Why me?” when she fell ill. She had strong willpower. She took both the masculine fatherly role of strength and feminine motherly role of sensitivity together. At St. Johns Hospital I learnt to practice positivity while interacting with a HIV affected expecting mother who was full of positive attitude.

---My father was a self-made simple living down to earth person. He started life from nothing and went on to build an empire. He had a lot to do in inculcating positive attitude in my life. The motivational trait of Ali and the Helping Hand platform for reaching out to serve people are implanting positivity within me and is quite satisfying. The simplicity and helping nature of Dr. Thimappa Hegde at NIMHANS impressed a lot. The personal qualities of husband on punctuality, time management and motivational qualities of finding individual’s strength even in distress is admirable. Raja’s smile and simplicity emitted positivity all the time.

---Each person has a positive part in him/her that inspires me. The servant’s punctuality, helpers service are all sources of inspiration and inculcating positive habits.

---People like my grandfather for his simplicity and humility, Uncle for his teaching to fight and win over desire through mind, the ability of Jayprakash Narayan to read others feelings and respond appropriately, conveying personal unpleasant feelings without hurting others ,mother’s selfless devotion to serve the needy, father’s unconditional service to help people had great impact in developing few of my favorable outlook in serving and connecting with people, Niece’s devotion to educate and help the slum children to become responsible person of society, inspired me to join Banjara team. Raja’s ideas on Live well and Leave Well made a positive change in the outlook on what can be done with own life while living and beyond.

---Positive person is a person in whose association you feel happy and peeped-up. My dad for his smiling expression, sense of humor, a committed, dedicated and positive personality was my role model. Mother –in-law, who became widow at a very young age, never blamed anyone. She was diabetic and followed very strict diet made a very positive impact on me for self-discipline. Mother although was bed-ridden for long years was taking things very positively and I learnt a lot from her.

---Compared – Criticized – Condemned when born. Though I was in the midst of people, I was never appreciated. Even after this background I was the first to contribute to the growth of others. I realized that negative people can also contribute to the learning and creativity; it is all how I take it. The result of negating negativity countered its effect and people come to seek help when they are low.

---In the 33 years of life everything remained totally negative. This developed total negative attitude. This perception changed after doing DCS. Raja was the main positive person behind this change.

---The life moved around strict father, positive mother and motivating son.

---Father coming from a well to do background but family did not advocate education. He fought for it and did a lot in education field because of his determination and commitment. A simple man a humble man a positive man made all the positive in life.

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Hats off to all the volunteeer-counsellors of Banjara Academy who have been carrying on this work silently, anonymously for the last couple of years. Truly commendable! - Ali Khwaja

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