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Career Guidance, after Class 10 and Class 12: All India Radio (AIR) Phone-in Radio Programme

For Parents and Students

Your questions on career planning after Class 10 and Class 12,
answered by Dr Ali Khwaja and Dr Asha Sidd,
the veteran Career Counsellors, Counsellors and Life Coaches from Banjara Academy.

930 pm to 1030 pm, Wednesday, 13 May 2015
In Bangalore tune in on 612 Medium Wave (MW) or on TV, AIR Kannada DTH

Relayed by 13 stations of All India Radio all over Karnataka.


Do you want to study online to be a Certified Professional Counsellor - to counsel, reach out to people needing emotional support?

NEW 10 Jun 15 BATCH: Telephonic Interviews OPEN now for LIMITED Admissions. LAST Date, 10 Jun, for completely Online, Enhanced International Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course.

Schedule your phone interview - just call up Sreedhar, 09901625390, or Ranveer, 07813088889. Or, provide your name & mobile no. below; we'll SMS you for time to interview you.

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