Dynamics of Counselling

Dynamics of Counselling

Author : S.R. Krishna Murthy
ISBN : 987-81-88771-29-5
Publisher : Banjara Academy
Pages : 188
Price : 120/-


  1. Counselling from womb to tomb
  2. Evolution of Counselling
  3. Development of Psychological thoughts in India
  4. Counselling and Mind
  5. Power of Silent Mind and Counselling
  6. Yoga and Counselling
  7. Yoga and Mental Ailments
  8. Spirituality and Counselling
  9. Counselling Skills
  10. Counselling Two Segments of Society
    • Child Abuse
    • Senior Citizens
  11. Counselling and Education
    • Teachers
    • Students
  12. Family Counselling
  13. Stigma attached to Counselling
  14. Overall Critical Analysis
  15. Conclusion

All About The Book

This book is written both for the Scholars and Professional Counsellors, as well as for novices who are interested in human behavior, counselling and in understanding life better.It has something to offer to everyone, from old-world wisdom to ultra-modern practical techniques in counselling.It gives insights and very practical tips on dealing with all aspects of life.

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