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Change is the only thing permanent in life

Heard this proverb number of times, isn’t it? You were also advised by elders that you should learn to adapt to change, and you did keep trying. But now the scenario is completely different. The time has come, not to ADAPT to change, but to ANTICIPATE the change that is likely to occur in the near and far future.

If we follow the old principle of slowly becoming aware of change, finding out all about it, and then adapting to it, the change would already be outdated, and something new would have come in, putting our efforts to waste. Those of us who were born before 1980 should remember that we are at a disadvantage: The new generation is growing up in a different world where they know nothing of the olden ways, and they do not care to either learn or practice them. Hence for them it is a simpler task.

Changing times
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As someone said, New Generation people are Digital Natives while the elders are Digital Migrants. We have migrated from an old culture and life-style to something that is alien to us. It is like the difference between a person who has grown up in a big city vs one who migrated from a village after he grew up.

Hence, for your own welfare, progress and well-being, keep your ears and eyes (and mind) open, develop strong instinct or intuitive skills, and be ready to keep learning, unlearning, and re-learning all the time.

By Ali Khwaja


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