Can/Do You Let Your Loved Ones Fly On Their Own?

A wise Guru wanted to test his disciples. One night without informing anybody, he just disappeared from his ashram. Days passed by and his disciples were distraught, directionless, and afraid of their future. Then as suddenly as he had disappeared, he came back. Their joy knew no limits. They told him frankly how scared they were when he left them. He said, “If in order to be fearless you needed me, my presence only served to conceal your cowardice, not to cure it.”

Is this what we do often to our loved ones? Do we love them so much that we make them dependent, and hence incapable of charting their own destinies? I have personally come across people who were so protected by their loved ones that after a tragic death they just fell apart. Similarly, companies, institutions, and even governments have self-destructed when the benevolent leader passed away.

Let us learn from the mother eagle. She builds a nest hundreds of feet high on a cliff. She lays the eggs, hatches them, and feeds the eaglets for some days. Then one day, when she feels they are ready, she takes a big risk, hardens her heart, and … just pushes them off the nest and cliff one by one! She knows that if she has made a mistake and their wings are not yet developed, they will fall to their death. But she takes that risk – because she loves them.
What do we do with our loved ones – pamper and protect them, or empower them to grow their wings and fly?

Credit: Martin Mecnarowski CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

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