Start With These Steps - For Peace And Harmony

We hear so much about universal love, unconditional love, and the need to build peace and harmony. We spend hours sermonizing about how terrorism should end, and nations should not go to war.

Yet in our day to day life we find it so much easier to criticize, pass negative remarks, and encourage suspicion and hatred. We do not realize how we are contributing towards this at a micro-level – and each drop goes to make the ocean!

Watch the little child who picks up a stone and throws it at a stray pup. Who taught him to do that? Listen to the student who comes from school and says proudly that his group does not play with one boy who is “different” in some way. Observe the preachers and politicians who spend more time attacking opponents than talking about the good done by their own group. Is there a connection?

All we need to do is look into the mirror, and we will find where the hatred and violence in this world is coming from.

Let us start with these simple steps

  1. stop criticizing someone unless his behavior is harming us,
  2. refrain from even listening to gossip,
  3. reduce suspicion of people who belong to other categories than us,
  4. never generalize any bad thing done by an individual or group. With these steps, in our own small way, we will be taking the world towards the much needed peace and harmony.

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