Do Good, Avoid Hurting - Enrich The World

Whenever I am accosted with "values" or "morals" I am completely stumped. Some say
that Ends justify the Means – i.e. telling
lies for someone's good is ok. Killing an
"enemy" in war gets a medal, killing your personal enemy gets you life imprisonment. Cheating your neighbour of a hundred rupees is bad, but cheating the Income Tax Department of a lakh of rupees is okay.

Dr. Ali's April10 ArticleMore confusing is – should I be critical of my friend on his face, or should I be nice to him even when I know that he is doing something "wrong"? Is it sinful to kill one animal and eat its flesh, while I wear a silk shirt that has been made after killing hundreds of silk-worms? Is it okay for a Doctor to be engrossed in prayers when his patients are in pain and need him? Where does the list stop?

I often wonder what is good or bad in this world. The rat eats the insect, the cat kills the rat, and the dog chews up the cat. Ironically, the insects then keep merrily sucking blood from the dog! And life goes on ....

Dr. Ali's Article April2010The only very clear directive that I could find in this confused scenario is – do as much good to others as you can (and define good by what THEY want, not what you THINK they need), and consciously avoid hurting anyone intentionally. If we follow these two rules, we will be enriching our lives and creating a better world around us.

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Sreedhar, Director of Online Courses and Online Counselling by email of Banjara AcademyLeading Banjara Academy's online email counselling team of volunteer-counsellors, I realize it is not an easy task reaching out to a person one has never met, never seen, without the added advantage of gestures, eye contact, a gentle reassuring touch, tone of voice and yet providing empathy, positive strokes, making the person feel heard and understood.

With the aid of only written words, it is quite a task building trust, making people open up and share and helping them cope and feel better. So when in many instances they write back saying thank you and that they feel so much better, the feeling one gets is priceless and incomparable - knowing one has done something right, something good!

Hats off to all the volunteeer-counsellors of Banjara Academy who have been carrying on this work silently, anonymously for the last couple of years. Truly commendable! - Sreedhar MA

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