Craving For Love

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People who do not trust easily, who are very careful in forming relationships, and who will not allow anyone to get close to them – are lonely people deep inside. When they start maintaining a distance from others their distrust increases. At some point they realize that they are getting isolated and they cannot fit into society like others do. They build a shield around themselves, and they blame everyone for being distrustful.

But the loneliness keeps growing subconsciously, and they get desperate for love. Then comes a moment when they perceive and identify the “right” person. Without realizing it they give out signals of how much they need love from that one person. They go out of the way to do anything for the person they “love”.

The other person enjoys this flattering attention, unconditional love and a sense of being put on a pedestal. He does reciprocate love, but only on his terms and as much as he wants to give. A one-sided relationship develops, but the first person does not realize it. She feels she owns the others. She turns a blind eye to all his shot-comings, his selfishness, and even the fact that he is taking advantage of her.

Until one fine day when stark reality hits! She feels let-down, cheated. She cries out in anguish, pleads, fights, but the relationship is over. She sulks, goes into depression and takes up the victim role of “why me”.

Slowly, steadily time heals the scars and she moves on looking for the ideal relationship which can bring her back into the ecstasy that she craves so badly…


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