5-Day Psychological Counselling Skills Workshop, 9-13 Apr 2012

What some of the participants at the workshop have to say

Psychological Counselling Skills Workshop
Credit: Yellow Book, CC-By-2.0, flickr.com
Meenakshi Rajagopal
Meenakshi Rajagopal
On the whole, an excellent overview of counselling. As a student of IGDCS, I found it very useful to meet other students. Learning more about the practical aspects was also helpful. Meeting the Banjara Team also made me feel wonderful. The entire team came across as warm people who are there to support others.
Many examples and case studies were shared. However feel that these cold be shared in a more structured manner.
I feel wonderfully happy to have met so many like-minded people. Thank you Banjara!
Sheela Singh: Dr. Ali’s classes were interesting but it would have been more if we had practical session with few of us.
I am really happy that I able to do what I have been wanting to do for a long time. I want to become a good counselor. I am sure this will make me independent financially and emotionally strong.
Shirin: I really looked forward to come and attend the seminar right from the first day. Besides receiving awareness about the subject I met new people which increased the horizon of my thoughts and beliefs and gave a feeling of you are also one among others and consolidation of understanding that each one’s perception is different and unique. This experience boosted my confidence to move on in life and courage to take up challenges and face the obstacles or hurdles/difficulties that will come my way.
I met very interesting people from diversified fields and interests, very motivated and eager to absorb knowledge.
The faculty for the course had a very open-minded attitude, eager to share their knowledge and experiences and very internal in their approach. To mention a few, Dr. Ali was a facilitator, interesting and a true leader. Mr. Rajdeep, very knowledgeable and spoke eloquently. Mala’s experience as narrated by her motivated the listeners to participate in social work.
Lastly the course lectures could have been made more interesting and interactive touching more deeper aspects of counseling, at times the lectures were not lucid, more examples could be given (live demo). The course could have been raised to a higher level. Thank you for everything I appreciate it still.
Annu Singh: My curiosity to know led me to Banjara an I am glad I followed my instinct. This workshop opened up a new world to me or I can put it this way: I opened my eyes and really looked around.
These five days session guided me through my maze of confusions and beliefs. The coordinators are doing a commendable work. Each one of them walked in with amazing knowledge and observation and conveyed the same in an easy manner. Their clarity of thoughts and personal awareness did add up to making these sessions engrossing.
I am going back with a sense of determination and to follow through what I have learn here.
Dr. Ali’s easy manner speaking and Ms. Asha’s keen observation, Ms. Sapna’s Communication and her jokes and readiness to listen, Ms. Kanmani’s clarity and Ms. Nalini’s and Ms Mala’s day to day experiences makes these five days a beautiful journey.
I had a wonderful experience here at the workshop. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be here. I especially liked the talks by Mala, Rajdeep Nalini and Sapna. I have learnt so much in these few days and made some wonderful friends. I am thankful to Banjara for this. I was worried before coming here wondering how it will be and how will the people doing the workshop be but it was far from what I was afraid of. All the friends I had here made me feel so comfortable and the lectures were all very interesting and insightful and thought-provoking.
I have learnt so much about the other side of life as well. Some topics regarding children were really fun (by Bharat) enjoyed them thoroughly and some talks by Mala were a little more serious but so wholesome to learn from one extent to another. Overall great experience. I am extremely happy.
Manikya Sridhar: The classes really helped us in our day to day experiences and also during our counselling sessions. I felt like attending a revision class of DCS, where some points definitely sharpened our views and skills.
Padmaja Rao
Padmaja Rao
An exhilarating journey through the experience of a class room environment, the student enthusiasm was churned up with sensitive and committed team of Banjara.
The online matter to devour the subject and through the modules for getting certified as a counsellor is one part of the effort. The major chunk of learning came when we were posed with case study/situations and the approach from me to handle it for my client taught me what I laked. The opportunity opened up avenues to understand different thoughts and feelings to a single situation. I would be eager to be part of this sharpening skills as all learning is continuous. The faulty are very open to questions, criticism and appreciation. It was a great bonding with each one of them.
Jasmine: Met a lot of people from diverse fields. The faculty was very helpful, very well informed. The faculty had very open minded attitude towards all the students. Each day was very informative. Meeting different faculty members everyday was a nice experience as we got to hear different perspective of this field and the faculty's experience very thought provoking. The workshop could have been more activity based, since very few activities were conducted. We could have been provided with more additional notes.
Overall I liked the course since it was my first workshop in counselling. I did find it very informative and would definitely like to come to Banjara again for either the online curse or other workshop. Dr. Ali and Sreedhar are very warm and approachable people.
Yuvaraj Kadur: I am very much thankful to Banjara, specially Kanmani for inviting me to participate in the program. It was good and very much informative. I learnt many new techniques of counselling. Duration was short as such we finished in a hurry even though I am going back happily wishing to get such opportunity in future.
Mangalam Senthil C
Mangalam Senthil C
It was a wonderful time. As I just started with IGDCS course, I found the sessions very useful and they also gave me an insight into future topics. Also got some practical exposure. The faculty are very knowledgeable and highly passionate. However more practical session would be good.
Surakha N. Jagdale: It was like going back to DCS. This course indeed helped me to refresh my counselling skills because I truly believe that that which is not renewed and consciously attended to will deteriorate.
Lorna Lobo
Lorna Lobo
The workshop threw open a lot of insights about the intricacies of counselling. The human part – emotions, empathy, genuine care and concern etc and the techniques for enabling the counselee to deal with the issues.
The topics covered were very apt and informative. More role plays would have helped.
The five days have passed by productively. The best is the meeting with lovely people – faculty and students who will be my friends for life.
Sheetal Shah: On the whole I had a wonderful experience. It has helped me understand a bit more about another field that I could take up professionally in the future. The course has helped me introspect my own life and learn a lot about me than I knew before. I am really glad to have joined this workshop.
Rashmi Goyal
Rashmi Goyal
This has been a useful workshop. In the IGDCS course, while the material, assignments and reference list for reading material is good, we do not get a practical experience. Someone standing in front of you and talking about the same makes a huge difference. The presenters consistently kept talking about feelings: becoming aware of one's own and focusing on the others' Lots of examples were given. They really helped in driving this point home.
Also the presenters themselves were inspiring. All of them seemed to be very gentle, non-judgmental, non-threatening and accepting. It was really a pleasure to see them being like this, being very natural an comfortable and not putting on any facades.
I was glad that I came for this. I particularly liked the Adolescents workshop by Rajdeep. Thank you for the simple, pratical tips and questions such as, What are you thinking right now and What are you feeling right now?
Preethi Lazar: The course for me was a learning experience about mental health and its importance for our overall well being. It taught me that counselling was more about rapport building, understanding the thoughts and feelings and finally help the counselee come to a solution according to the pace the counselee would like to. The biggest learning is that it is not just giving a quick fix solution to problems. I am glad to have come for this workshop as it has taught me a lot of things and facts.
Bharti Prakash
Bharti Prakash
It was a great experience attending this workshop. It was highly informative. The experiences narrated by all the speakers were touching. I am feeling satisfied by whatever I got from this workshop within these five days. And I have now started my journey in this new world of empathy. I feel curious to know more and more about the subject.
I look forward for a life long association with Dr. Ali and the Banjara team. This workshop has served as an eye-opener. I am on a journey to discover myself and Banjara is an encyclopedia for me.
Palani Mohan: I was able to gain enough knowledge on counselling. All the examples given were real-life scenario. Was able to relate to all the examples in my day-to-day life. Got experience on how to share feelings rather than speaking on logic. Overall it was a break through for me and it has changed my thought process.
I really felt glad and delighted to be in good company. Sometime during the workshop I really felt, Am I the right person to do counselling? Then I felt relieved when Ali pointed out that you need not be perfect to do counselling. I wish we could have more such sessions.
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