Zahida Shafique

B.Sc., B.ed; Headmistress; Gulburga, India

Zahida Shafique, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Zahida Shafique, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-17IG-101436,
Aug 2016-July 2017

I had decided to do this online counselling course and had enrolled in it, though with lots of doubts and fears, (Sreedhar had assured me that all would be there to mentor and guide me through this course).

I was sure I had enough time for it and Would easily sail through it, and it would be only bit of theory and techniques, but I was in for a surprise , when I opened the Banjara Academy web page! there was so much going on there, and for a person with time on their hands, it was a treasure trove, so many talks and videos links are given, so much to read, and then as roads leads to other roads and pathways, the web page lead me to more lectures and videos on almost anything, I explored and am still exploring, you learn as you read. The modules of this course is well planned and segmented, and the exercises make us realise a few things we weren't aware of.I was introduced to the FB page of Banjara Academy, and there to the posts were each an eye opener, A series of videos and write ups where there which spoke of all that you ever wanted to know. Just love reading the posts and the views of others too! Honestly when they told that this would help improve your life I doubted it, a hundred percent! but now I can vouch a 100 % that it definitely changes you and evolves you to being a better human .I personally have evolved as a better listener, (not mere hearing) ,more empathising(now I can finally understand why girls giggle for I had never thought as a girl before), not be judgemental, and be ready to learn and change! A few suggestions or things I feel could be of more help would be that though we are not in a classroom course we could atlaest form a group, and for each module we could also see who else is doing the same module and would like to share and connect with them online. The next suggestion would be that there should be some contact classes, atleast 2 or 3 to be held in Bangalore,for a day or two over the weekends, so that it would give us a feeling of reality and would connect in the real world rather than virtually, and be on par with those doing the DCS course. Next just as you have first hand accounts in module 9 of caregivers, it would be nice to have first hand accounts of counsellors and the counselled too.It would be really helpful if a few examples of counselling by e-mail were also shown, or maybe the do's and dont's of counselling via email. Last but not the least I really would like to thank sincerely my mentor Loyella, you have been the pillar of strength and support to me, Sreedhar for just being there and taking me through, and all the staff of Banjara who made this possible and built this treasure trove! Iam still in awe to mention Dr ALI, whenever I read or hear his talks, I am taken to another level of understanding that I have never been before.SALUTE! RESPECT! Thus all said and done looking forward to be in touch with all at Banjara Academy and also looking forward to a soul rewarding journey as a counsellor! THE WOODS ARE LOVELY DARK AND DEEP,BUT I HAVE PROMISES TO KEEP, AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP.

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