Smitha P Jain

BA; Holistic Healer; Bengaluru, India

Smitha P Jain, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Smitha P Jain, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-17IG-101408,
Apr 2016-Apr 2017

As a spiritual person and into working with different healing modalities and counselling use to go hand in hand...but this course have changed my perception,what is counselling ?

The journey with this course was excellent,knowledge of the course is so helpful it has changed me alot. mentor are too good and always been helpful,keeping a track of how it going on it.

As i was going through the modules their where so many thing i could relate it to my life and could analysis my self better,though i am a spiritual person but their was still something was missing,this course has opened up those ares of my life which i am really grateful too. when i started going through the modules i notice their was a kind of fear ....and i as i started analyzing myself with it ...i have over my fear .i am again grateful to Banjara academy for designing it so well. The assignment which has opened me alot,the best part was thing i couldn't share with anyone i opened up in my exercise and assignment,cause of it so am much better than before. This was my first online courser and i am happy it when on so well. The audio file where so useful and its like revision. Each and every content was i a insight within yourself. their was always a urge to know whats next ..for me it what the next content where i could work on myself.

Their are so many internal changes ,I could sense a kind of transformation within me.I am content,peaceful and happy.The judgmental factor has just walk off to quite a extend and i dont have to make people believe nor i need to labels.i have accepted how their are.I started noticing and appreciating small thing in other.IT has taught me how to value yourself and time too. I started accepting people for what they are.Approaching people is become more easy and even their are comfortable been open wit me.

The trust factor have developed alot. Though i knew how empathy and support is needed,but this course has taught me how to work it.It easy to say i am a counselor but when you deal its you know what it is. Mentor have always being their...without hurting my emotion and valuing what i had to like you have some to listen to you. Though i was lacking with course cause of my health issue ..they extended the during,thank you so much.

In the starting i just joined cause i was dist rube and wanted to do something as i was labeled,but now i say i did a right choice by joining this course and the i am thankful to the person who label me cause of him i am here,thank you.Some time bad situation landed you up with right thing and choice ..

My choice of joining this courser was right decision.The skill have enhance me alot in my daily routine.

I am much more confident in dealing with people in handling them.their is a kind of spontaneity around with things when you are into it.Their where time i didnt know how deal with situation as been given in the assignment..i tried best to work on...and i use to wait what will be the feedback how will they judge me ....but the mentor has help when ever i looked for it.their feedback on the assignment made me understand much better than been critical or judgmental...before i use to take the feedback in a negative way but today i appreciated how feedback play a major role in your life got clarity with myself and world douth still lots to learn but what i learn here i have no word thank you

Glad to have such good mentors. Well i would say this course has transformer me alot...the idea of changing people has infact changed me .

i thank the "" banjara team "" designing this wonderful course and all mentor too.thank you thank you thank you.

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