Gayathri Arunkumar

M.Com; Relations Manager; Bengaluru, India

Gayathri Arunkumar, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
Gayathri Arunkumar, Diploma Holder - International Graduate Diploma In Counselling Skills (IGDCS) course
IGDCS Reg No-16IG-101358,
Nov 2015-Oct 2016

The IGDCS course has helped me completely change my perspective about what Counselling is.

In the society we live, counselling is topic of taboo and mostly related with psychiatry and mental illness. Though there is lot more awareness in the last decade about counselling and its importance (so is the reason I took up this course), I got a great understanding of what counselling means and how non-directive counselling can be of help in day to day life to reach out to people around us. I have learnt that by correctly putting the skills into practice and reaching out the needy, counselling ceases to be a job or a profession and becomes an attitude. The online course is a boon for people like me who wish to study but not in a position to travel to the academy / institute in person for various personal reasons. The way the course is structured into different modules with simple yet clear examples, elaborate explanations and relevant picture, gives clear understanding on the topics in the lesson. The audio files are added advantage which gives the student a class room / lecture feel. With the no exams, assignment based evaluation model and learning through introspective assignments and case studies, IGDCS nails down the objective of course without putting pressure on the students. Assessment from trained counsellors’ was very helpful. Giving feedback and not evaluating performance was motivating and reassuring. The feedback were elaborate and exploratory. The course focuses on real learning (case studies, assignments) and not rote learning (just theory). After every topic there is an introspective assignment, which gives an opportunity for the student to self-correct his/her understanding on the subject. Personally, I have benefited a lot from this course. I would like to list my learning and take away from IGDCS as below: 1. I have learnt so beautifully how to handle my emotions. One of the biggest tip I keep reminding myself is ‘not to label people / situation, but the emotion’. This way there is an immediate sense of ownership of the situation and emotion than blame game. 2. As I started practising empathy, I reveal a new me who can look things from different perspective beyond the ‘me’ factor and be so understanding and supportive for people around. 3. I have built some great skills like supportive listening, being non-judgemental, giving genuine positive stroke, empathy extra out of which I felt being non-judgemental was the toughest for me to build. 4. I have built great respect for others. I now understand every individual is capable of handling their life and taking decision at all times. 5. This course was a wonderful opportunity for me to share study time with my children and role model them. 6. With many recommendations and referrals suggested in the course modules, I have cultivated the habit of reading books relevant to the course. "You will see it when you believe it" is my favourite book. 7. By putting the different skills I learnt into practice I manage my family and relationships even better than before. 8. I have developed some awareness for different types of Mental illness which I have not even heard before I started this course. 9. This course has helped me a lot to improve my inner peace and develop a sense of calmness. 10. I have experienced so many times that when I am feeling little down or monotonous with life, just reading the course chapters and introspecting for the assignment gives me instant sense of happiness. I would like to register my sincere thanks to Dr Ali Kwaja, Mr Sreedhar, Mr Ranveer, Ms Sadiqa, Ms Vasantha, Ms Najma, Ms Venu and the entire Banjara team for such a noble initiative and guiding me through this beautiful journey of learning.

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